2012 Infiniti G37x Coupe Review

When I received an e-mail from my good friends at Nissan - Infiniti Canada and was asked to review a 2012 Infiniti G37x Coupe, I was in disbelief!  I had seen them on the road before and was always curious about how it drove and envious of the drivers.  The anticipation built for weeks.  When the day finally arrived, I said to myself, "It was definitely worth the wait!" Performance: The G37x coupe comes equipped with a super responsive 3.7 Litre, 24-valve V6 engine that boasts 330 horsepower @ 7,000RPM and 270 lb-ft torque @ 5, 200RPM. The power this engine provides is more than sufficient, both with city and highway driving. I can guarantee you that you will have no problem passing someone when you need to! The vehicle also is equipped with Infiniti's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, which provides Rear-Wheel Drive performance with the safety of All-Wheel Drive depending on the various weather conditions. However, despite the AWD system, I would recommend snow tires for this vechicle. The 330 horsepower would definitely be difficult to control in the heart of a nasty Canadian winter. The G37x comes in either 6-speed manual transmission with short-throw shifter, or a 7-speed automatic transmission. Regardless of your preference, the performance is out of this world! Infiniti also offers an optional sport muffler that makes the car purr down the road with youthful exuberance. The sport muffler, however - is a $2,000 option. If you're looking for fuel economy though, this isn't the vehicle for you. Infiniti rates the vehicle at 11.7/city and 7.8/highway. Exterior: To say this car is eye-catching would be an understatement! The G37 definitely is a head-turner and draws a ton of attention. The sporty appearance and bulbous hood reminds me a lot of the Nissan Maxima. The Xenon headlamps provide greater visibility during night driving and the LED tail lights are absolutely gorgeous. It gives the vehicle a sophisticated look while allowing the vehicle to be sporty and aggressive. However, the small, sporty feel and size of the car isn't for everyone.  If you're a big guy such as myself, the G37 may not be for you from a comfort perspective! Interior: As mentioned above, the G37 coupe isn't for everyone!  The seats are bolstered, and it was a bit of a tight squeeze for a guy my size. You definitely want to be comfortable when you're driving, and this vehicle would definitely not be recommended for a long road trip.  Unlike the Nissan equivalent 370z, there are actually back seats in the G37.  I am not sure why.  Not much can fit in the back seats, either, so it is virtually a 2-seater.  However, despite the tight squeeze, the interior of the vehicle is absolutely jaw-dropping! Once again, it reminds me a lot of the Nissan Maxima, as the console is virtually identical. It has a nice, clean finish, while managing to look classy and sporty to appeal to a wide demographic. Technology: The G37x tester we drove came loaded with the technology package. The vehicle has dual climate control, which will definitely prevent a lot of arguing with passengers about the car's temperature! It also comes with a proximity key fob and push button starter. The vehicle is loaded with many other toys as well, such as bluetooth technology for those that are constantly on their phones be it for work or pleasure. You can load your phone book into the Infiniti hard drive and use the voice-recognition system to make phone calls! For those that would rather listen to music while you're driving, the premium 11-speaker Bose audio system will satisfy all of your needs.  You can wirelessly stream the music off your iPhone onto the speaker system, or use the XM satellite radio.  The options for entertainment are virtually endless.  Obviously the system won't give you the same bass thump that an aftermarket system will, but it is more than sufficient for a stock sound system. The one major downfall with the vehicle is poor visibility when reversing, due to the low, sporty stance.  There is virtually no rear view window due to the angles of the body. Infiniti has an answer to that, too - a rearview camera!  The quality of the camera is phenomenal, providing a crystal clear view of what's behind you. The 9GB music hard drive is also a great feature. Once you load a CD onto the hard drive, you no longer need to worry about fumbling with CDs or ipods while you are driving. Critiques: As I mentioned previously, there are some minor things I did not like about the vehicle. The rear visibility is non-existent. Despite the rear view camera, I still find it natural to look back while I'm in reverse. The blind spot also is also practically invisible, and at times I found it difficult to see what was beside me during a lane change. However, despite me nitpicking on a few minor issues, I thoroughly enjoyed my G37 experience and would highly recommend it!  If you are looking for fantastic performance, good looks and technology at a great price, the G37 coupe is the car for you! Check out our gallery of photos here!