Crash Canyon Quest Preview

The Crash Canyon Quest PC game releases new content & announces its first Community Cup winner! The Winner’s avatar will be featured in a clip to air on Teletoon at Night. Crash Canyon Quest today announced the release of a new content pack and named the first winner of its Crash Canyon Community Cup. This is the first of five planned expansion packs and features additional quests from fan favourites like Norm Wendell, Vaughn Manderbelt and Frida and Bjorn. Astronaut Colton Steel and his pet Lippy also now have their first quest for players stranded in the Canyon, and they are featured in the newly unlocked mini game entitled “Lippy’s Great Underwater Adventure.” Crash Canyon Quest is an online social game based on the new animated series Crash Canyon (airing on Teletoon at Night, Sundays at 9pm) and created by “Simpsons” writer Joel Cohen. The newly released content adds to the game’s already expansive world with unique opportunities to explore Crash Canyon, and its’ very interesting inhabitants. With the new content unveiled, the player who boasts the most reputation points -- the “The Mayor” on the game’s leaderboard – is awarded the Crash Canyon Community Cup. As the current Mayor, the winner’s in-game avatar will get to appear in a video clip with characters from the series airing soon on Teletoon at Night. Four runners-up will also be treated to cool prizes, while the leaderboard is reset for the next round of winners and prizes. Reputation points are earned by engaging with the wacky residents of Crash Canyon and taking on quests for unlocked characters. For the uninitiated, players start by creating a unique character and joining the residents of Crash Canyon. As fledgling members of this sometimes chaotic, sometimes absurd but always funny community, they are sent on quests, play mini-games, craft an escape vehicle or build a home -- and buy, collect and trade a huge array of items using golf-tees – the in-game (and thus in-canyon) currency. Players are able to interact and socialize with the other new Crash residents with a wide range of social tools including dedicated friends lists, gifting and messaging as well as visit each other’s Crash corner. Stay tuned to the site for an in depth review of this great game. You can also try the game out yourself by checking it out at the Tele Toon Website. Imagine the thrill of having your in game avatar put on the television for the world to see. We look forward to providing you with more great Crash Canyon content!