Krusell iPhone 4(s) Orbit Flex Case

Swedish mobile phone case company Krusell has been designing and manufacturing for some 20 years now.  This reviewer recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of their custom Orbit Flex Iphone 4 cases. Krusell prides itself on using the highest quality leather and the most innovative designs in their cases while employing their unique Multidapt fastener.  Multidapt is a patented clip on mechanism that allows the user to detach the phone in its case from the specially designed belt clip. In a world of clip on plastic cases Krusell offers a Premium quality case. The Orbit Flex case protects the phone while allowing full access to all buttons controls as well as the Iphones dock connector and headphone jack.  The user can remove the encased Iphone with a simple click at the top of the belt clip.  There is no other manufacturer that offers a case like this and in terms of value for the money there is no competition. Krusell offers not only the custom Orbit Flex design but a wide variety of cases which are customized for other Smart phones as well as regular cellphones.  The Krusell line is currently offered in Canada by Fusar Technology as of November 1, 2011.  Check out their website at