Veho Muvi HD Gumball 3000 Special Edition Review

Veho's new Muvi HD Gumball 3000 Special Edition might be a mouthful to say but its equally loaded with features and performance. Veho has not only provided us with a miniature High Definition camera but a screen upon which to view the videos as they are being shot and to review with later on. The Muvi HD is solidly constructed while maintaining the rubbery feeling tactile finish we are used to on expensive smartphones. The 1.5" Screen provides enough real estate to properly frame your movies and then review them. The Muvi HD also provides a highly intuitive set of controls on the front of the device. There is a tripod mount on the bottom along with a Mini HDMI port on the left side as well as a Mini USB port for transferring videos and charging the unit. Veho does not skimp on features and also decided to include a slot for a Micro SD card so the potential for taking longer movies is a breeze. They also added a nice touch of a headphone jack so you can not only view your movies but listen to them in privacy. The Muvi HD features a 160 degree field of view so you can shoot great videos in an excellent field of view. You have to remember that the device is 80mm x 47mm by 19mm which is slightly larger than a box of Safety matches. Veho also includes an 8Gb fast Micro SD card which will give you an excellent capacity for shooting video right out of the box. There is a slow motion feature as well as noise activation, touch panel screen, digital zoom, and an incredible 1400 mah battery that allows for 4 HOURS OF RECORDING!!!. This tiny wonder shoots 1080P video!!! It does that at 30 frames per second and also shoots still photos at 5 megapixels. My question is how do they pack all of these features into such a small package. The answer, Fantastic Industrial Design and State of the Art Technology. But Veho has not finished the list yet. They have also included a tiny remote control and the device has a built in rechargeable lithium Ion battery. Veho doesn't just build in a plethora of features into their device but also includes a list of accessories that would be optional extras at a much higher cost. The Muvi HD comes with a Universal Car Window mounting kit, a Universal Helmet Mounting Kit, and a USB charging cable and vehicle charging adapter. Veho has just pulled out all the stops on the Muvi HD. Great technology, excellent accessories all included at a price which is amazing for a tiny camera that is a Pocket powerhouse of features let alone the extras. The Veho Muvi HD takes incredible videos and amazing still images and is an excellent travelling companion. It can also be used as a playback device for viewing videos on the fly or storing movies and then hooking the device up to the flat screen in your office or a hotel room. There is no limit to what you can do with this amazingly incredible device. All at a weight of 81 grams!! Grab one soon from your local retailer or surf on over to Google and Search under Veho Gumball 3000 Special edition products.