Limitless (2011) Review

Bradley Cooper has burst onto the Hollywood scene with films like the Hangover, Hangover 2, The A - Team, and Valentines Day. He typically plays the pretty boy heartthrob who has his way with women and gets what he wants. Limitless is a totally different genre and role for Cooper. He plays Eddie Mora, a disheveled writer who has failed at everything. His writing career is a flop, his girlfriend dumps him, and he lives in a filthy little apartment barely affording the minimal rent. Eddie is down in the dumps, and coincidentally bumps into his ex brother in law, who gives him a little pill that changes everything for Eddie. Eddie's brother in law explains that the pills he has allow the person taking them to make use of 100% of their brain, instead of the 20% humans are said to be able to access. Upon taking the pill, Eddie becomes a new man. He is smarter, quicker, and has a totally different thought process and outlook on life. He can achieve anything he wants. He can turn hundreds into thousands of dollars, run a fortune 500 company, attract any woman he wants, and become the most famous man in New York. With such great highs, obviously come the requisite lows. Eddie becomes mixed up with the wrong people, who eventually find out about the pills and try to kill him to take his supply. Everyone is at risk, whether it is him, his girlfriend, or others who grow close to him. The pills also have horrible side effects. Eddie becomes addicted to them, and when he can't get his fix, the pain becomes intolerable. Eddie finds out that people who have been taking these pills and run out, end up dead. I will not spoil the end of the movie for you, but there is a good amount of suspense, action and drama. There is not much character development, nor is there a fantastic plot per se, but the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. Seeing Eddie in his meteoric rise to the top is gratifying and entertaining, and yet you always wonder what will happen to bring him back down to earth. The acting is satisfactory, and features performances by Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro. Nobody is going to be nominated for an oscar based on their performances in this movie, but that is not what Limitless is about. Its all about what a man at the bottom does to get to the top. I recommend Limitless to fans of action movies, and anyone who is a fan of Bradley Cooper. Check it out in a theatre near you.