WWE RAW: Edge says goodbye

Monday's episode of WWE RAW took place from Bridgeport, Connecticut. With WWE's next pay-per-view offering, Extreme Rules only a couple week's away, the company needs to put the peddle to the medal and begin building towards the show. With that in mind, however, WWE hit a little roadblock on Monday's show. John Cena opened Monday's show and reitirated the huge announcement of the WrestleMania 28 main-event between himself and The Rock. Cena was interrupted by Randy Orton, who said that he deserves a title shot at The Miz before John Cena does. Before Cena could reply, John Morrison's music hit and the "Prince or Parkor" made his way to the ring. He said that we've "all seen this show before, and it's a good show... but it's a lot better now that John Morrison's involved." Next out was Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler. She said her man deserves a WWE Championship match more than anyone. R-Truth is out next. This is getting ridiculous. He says that he's never been given a WWE Championship opportunity to which Ziggler replies, "Well, there's a reason why." The RAW GM chimed in, announcing a 5-man gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for Miz's WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. Thoughts: Not a bad segment overall. It begins Cena's quest to become WWE Champion before WrestleMania 28. Vignette: In a dark setting, a blonde doll was focused on as nursery rhyme music played in the background. They showed the mystery figure, who appeared to be Awesome Kong, grabbing the doll before flicking its head off. Kong was heard cackling off-camera. Back live, Lawler asked what that was all about. WWE Divas Championship Eve Torres .vs. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) The match was quick and painless (thank God!). The Bellas pulled the switch and Brie wins the championship. Winner: Brie Bella at 2:15. Thankfully it was short. Sin Cara .vs. Primo Good debut for Sin Cara. He looked sharp. Other than the small slip up, he looked good. Winner: Sin Cara at 4:31. I'm still surprised Cara's in WWE, seeing as McMahon is usually a proponant for big men. Someone in power must have pushed the company to sign him before TNA did. Santino/Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry/Evan Bourne .vs. The Corre Weird match. Very weird. Winners: The Corre at 3:32. Once again, all I can say is thank god it was short. I feel bad for Bryan and Bourne as both men are incredibly talented performers and are being wasted by WWE (surprise, surprise). Jack Swagger (w/Michael Cole) .vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler (w/Jim Ross) Not a bad match for what it was. If Lawler wins, he gets to name the stipulation for his match with Michael Cole at Extreme Rules. If he loses, however, he never gets another rematch with Michael Cole and Cole would "retire undefeated." Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler at 5:13. Lawler does so much with his facials and mannerisms to tell a story. Great performer. Post match saw Cole smack Swagger for losing. Lawler then announces a tag-team match for Extreme Rules pitting himself and JR against Michael Cole and Jack Swagger. In-ring: Justin Roberts announced the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, who bounced out on-stage sporting sunglasses and wearing the World Title belt over his shoulder. Edge took a deep breath and slowly made his way to the ring as Lawler talked him up as one of the most popular WWE Superstar in history. Lawler said he hopes the rumors of his retirement isn't true. Lawler, Mathews, and Ross were on commentary now. Edge's music stopped and he smiled to the crowd before slowly pacing around. Edge said he's probably going to ramble a bit here. He said a lot of people think what they do in WWE doesn't hurt, but anyone in the locker room or has ever wrestled knows what they do hurts. Edge said eight years ago, he broke his neck, prompting spinal surgery. Because of that, he knew he was wrestling on borrowed time. Edge said for the last while, he's been in a lot of pain and losing feeling in his arms. He passed strength tests and made it through 'Mania, but WWE wanted him to get more tests. He said the MRI showed he has to retire. The crowd shrieked. Edge said the doctors told him he has no choice, but it's a good thing since he won't end up in a wheelchair now. [Q6] Edge teared up as the crowd applauded. The cheers grew louder as Edge paced the ring. Edge stroked his hair before pausing for a "Thank you, Edge," chant. Edge laughed and said this has been an emotional rollercoaster of a week for him. He said that until he talked to Christian, his best friend for 27 years, he was angry at himself and his body. Edge said he felt like he was letting everyone down and he wasn't ending this on his terms. But, he wrestled his entire career on his terms. Edge said he is a huge fan of WWE. Every month, Christian and he would watch their favorites at Maple Leaf Gardens. He name-dropped LOD, Demolition, and Hulk Hogan. Then, he watched Hogan vs. Warrior at WrestleMania 6. Fast-forward to facing Undertaker at WrestleMania. Edge said he's won more titles than anyone in the history of WWE. Edge said that retiring as World Heavyweight Champion after having his final match at WrestleMania couldn't be better. Edge said he's been doing this for 19 years and 14 years with WWE. He said he grew up and made mistakes in front of the audience. He became a man in front of the audience. Edge said he went from a guy running around in a trench coat to a member of The Brood, then Edge & Christian, then one of the most despised guys in WWE, then a Live Sex celebration with Lita and thankfully not Vickie Guerrero, and hopefully he's earned the respect of everyone in the locker room. Edge said that no matter what, he tried to give the audience as much of what he had every single night. And, in turn, the fans gave it right back. Edge said he's going to miss all of this, like the reaction when his music hits. He said he doesn't have to wear tights tomorrow and he's going to eat a whole lot of ice cream tonight. Whether he would do this all over again - starting with getting hired by JR - he would do it in a heartbeat. "So, thank you. Thank you very much," Edge said before dropping the mic. The crowd was shown standing on their feet applauding Edge, who looked into the crowd to soak in the moment. Edge slipped out of the ring, then high-fived some fans ringside. Edge eventually made it up the rampway and posed one more time as his music played. They faded to commercial. Talk time: 10:05. Wow. Definitely a surreal moment. It doesn't seem real. Unfortunately for Adam Copeland, it is all too real. Not going out on your own terms always hurts in pro-wrestling. But at the same time, being able to retire at 38 and relatively healthy isn't a bad thing. Backstage at the "gorilla position," Edge is greated by his co-workers and is given a nice send-off. WWE Championship #1 Contender's Match This match saw Dolph Ziggler eliminate Randy Orton with the help of Nexus. Truth is out and eliminates Ziggler. Weird. Morrison is out next and he's also eliminated by Truth. What the hell is going on? Cena is out last, and the match ends in a double disqualification. Getting R-Truth into the WWE title picture doesn't make much sense, but I suppose adding new blood is never a bad thing. Either way, the entire show was overshadowed by Edge's retirement announcement.