Asian Course Restaurant Review

You think you know Chinese Food?  Well if you do then you certainly won't think so after you have eaten at Asian Course Pan Asian Bistro in Thornhill. This reviewer is an aficionado of Asian cuisine and after having travelled to China more than 7 times can appreciate authentic Chinese Food. The owners of Asian Course would have you believe that their cuisine is an authentic mix of Chinese, Thai, Korean and of all things Indian cuisine. We had the opportunity to try out Asian Course for a recent lunch and were not overly impressed with the service. The food would certainly rate a 7/10 for quality, taste and relative authenticity. The problem we encountered was that the management was so exceptionally rude to us that it affected our opinions of the establishment. When our first course, a simple won ton soup arrived cold, the manager brusquely insulted us by stating that it was not "cold" and rudely brought back a scaldingly hot bowl. After adding insult to injury we were totally turned off by the over sauced version of Chicken with Black Bean sauce which also was cold and had a gluey consistency. When we complained to the manager he turned to us and said "You think you know Chinese Food??" " You don't know Chinese Food". We were so offended by his comments that at that point we decided that our visit would now come to a rapid close. We paid our bill and left. Flash forward to one year later and Asian Course has now been forced to resort to a Order to Your Table All You can Eat menu. You can still order from the menu, but they are desperately trying to get new customers by offering the AYCE menu on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $12.99. We decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and come back to their establishment for another taste. Surprisingly the wait staff was new and extremely pleasant although the attending manager (different from before) was again abrupt and short tempered. We decided to proceed with ordering a variety of dishes. Our Wonton and Hot and Sour soups arrived hot although quite flavourless. The spring rolls were quite surprisingly crisp and delicious. The outer coating was dry and did not have the typical layer of oil found on most spring rolls from other restaurants we have visited. We then ordered several appetizers such as calamari (crisp, tender meat and very flavourful with no grease), chicken lettuce wraps (delicious) and Barbeque Pork Spareribs which were meaty and had a delicious flavour. The main courses arrived quite quickly after our appetizers and were equally quite good. Singapore noodles were quite delicious with the right amount of curry, thinly sliced BBQ Pork, tender shrimp and perfectly cooked noodles. The Shanghai noodles were also perfect although we would have liked to see a bit more pork and shrimp in the dish. General Tsao's chicken was delivered in a delicious perfectly made sauce and the chicken was tender and delicious. Asian Course has definitely "changed course". The arrival of new wait staff with the right attitude toward customer service and excellent food coming from the kitchen will give Thornhill residents a new option for their Chinese Food hankering. This reviewer gives Asian Course a 9/10.