Veho 360 Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Do you enjoy music on the go? Are you the kind of person who has no room on your desk for a speaker system? If you are looking for a space saving, high quality speaker system, then Veho has the ultimate product for you. It is called the Veho 360. The Veho 360 is a tiny speaker that measures 4 centimeters in diameter and is only 5 centimeters tall. The entire speaker weighs in at a mere 70 grams! For such a small piece of hardware, the speaker manages to fill a medium sized room with clear sound for its users to enjoy. The Veho 360 is a wireless speaker with a built in Bluetooth interface. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, the cylinder shaped speaker can wirelessly communicate with any Bluetooth enabled audio device. We all carry around cell phones and mp3 players these days, most of which are now Bluetooth enabled. Now you can bring this speaker with you anywhere and connect it to your phone or iPod and enjoy your music library on the go. The speaker's abilities are not limited to music and entertainment. Many people have PDAs or net books that have horrible built in speakers. Using the Veho 360, you can connect your netbook via bluetooth and play music, or use the speakers for giving presentations or playing informative audio clips. For those who do not have a Bluetooth enabled device, the Veho speaker is able to connect to devices using a cable that comes with the unit. Simply plug the speaker in like you would a set of headphones, its that easy. The speaker is ideal for an environment where space is extremely limited. The speaker does not need to be plugged in for power, as it has an integrated rechargeable battery pack. The size of the speaker keeps it extremely mobile and it is so easy to use and set up that it can be brought practically anywhere. I brought it camping and the 360 had no problem filling a large tent with great sounding music for hours into the night. Now I know what you are all thinking. A tiny speaker must have horrible sound quality. I am happy to report to you that the Veho 360 provides great sound quality despite its small size. It only pumps out 2.2 watts of power, but it really is loud enough at approximately 80% volume capacity to to fill a good sized office or bedroom with clear sounding music. The highs sound great. Vocals and treble are clear and crisp even at full volume. The only minor kink are the low frequencies. When played at full volume, music with a lot of bass and low frequencies will cause the speaker to distort slightly. There is a solution to this. Either play your music at approximately 80% of full volume, or change your equalization settings to lower the bass and low frequency levels. When I made these adjustments, my music continued to sound great even at full blast! The rechargeable battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and provides you with about 3 hours of music even at full volume. I actually got about 3 hours and 45 minutes out of it. The manual states that the Bluetooth range is about ten meters, but I synced the 360 to my iPhone and walked down the hall about 20 meters away and the music never stopped playing. Overall this is a great speaker for those who don't have the space for a full sound system in their rooms. It is great for those on the go, and a perfect camping companion. I recommend it to everyone especially when considering its reasonable price tag of approximately $35.00 Canadian. You can buy Veho products at Tiger Direct in Canada, and check out Veho's site for their other high quality products.