Speck Candyshell Flip for iPhone 4 Review

U Be the Critic recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The show had some big attractions, including giant 3D televisions, flying robots you can control from your cell phone, and tons of new tablets due to be launched this year.  The one thing that really surprised me was the amount of companies creating cases and accessories for the iPhone and iPad.  There was so much selection, but few quality offerings.  One of the companies that stood out from the pack was speck.  If you have been to an Apple store, you've seen their products.  The Apple store generally only carries high quality 3rd party accessories for their products, and speck definitely meets Apple's standards.  Speck offers cases for the iphone and ipad, laptop bags, and many other accessories for various electronics.  Today we are reviewing their Candyshell Flip case for the iPhone 4. Speck products are so good that they are being counterfeited! Buyers should be wary of purchasing their products online from un trusted sources. Grab one from the Apple store, deal online only with big companies or authorized dealers, or better yet, order one directly from the official speck site. We received ours directly from speck so we know we are reviewing the real deal. Now onto the review! The Candyshell Flip is a variation of Speck’s popular CandyShell line of iPhone case. The big difference is that the case has a rubberized hinge which allows you to open the bottom third of the case and dock your iPhone 4 without having to take the phone out of the case entirely. If you've ever used a speck case, you know that they are built quite well and once you have your phone in, it is extremely secure and somewhat difficult to remove. Having the flip allows you to easily dock your phone into your speaker system, and it makes your life a lot easier when trying to insert or remove the iphone from its case when you need to. For those who haven't had the privilege of using the Candyshell line of cases I will give you the lowdown on what Candyshell is. The CandyShell consists of two parts. The exterior of the case is a smooth, hard plastic, while the interior of the case is a rubber mesh. The hard plastic exterior prevents the back and sides of your phone from getting scratched, and will shield it from impact. It is quite smooth and allows you to easily slide the phone in and out of your pocket. The case has several slots built into it. There is one on the back of the case for your camera lens, so you don't need to remove the phone from the case to take photos with it. There is one on the top and the bottom of the case so you can easily plug your headphones and charger into the phone without removing anything or undoing the flap. The rubber mesh interior acts as a shock absorber to protect the iPhone 4 from most bumps and drops. So you have the convenience of the flap, and know that the case will keep your phone safe, but does it look good? From a visual standpoint the CandyShell Flip is very attractive. I personally like the white one, but it is offered in four different colours. I know the case sounds perfect, but there are a few minor flaws. The iPhone 4 is a sleek and sexy phone. Putting it into the case definitely adds some bulk to it, and hides its natural good looks. The case does its job and protects the phone from the scratches and bumps of every day use, and some of the scratches definitely show on the case. A scratch proof finish should be in the works! My other fear is that with regular use and wear and tear, the flap will one day totally break off. This hasn't happened, and may never, but if you are tough on your cases, I'd be wary of that. Overall this is a great case for any iPhone user. If you are not the kind of person who throws their phone around and really abuses it, this case should be sufficient to keep it safe, while maintaining some style. I recommend it to everyone! Check out the speck site and order yours today!