Walkin’ Bag: Lean On Me! Ballistic JetCart Review

Have you ever seen a person who has a cane trying to drag or carry a suitcase along behind them?  It just isn't convenient, and I am sure it is a big burden.  Do you ever get tired waiting in those massive airport lines and wish you had a chair to sit on?  Do your suitcases' wheels always get stuck and force you to pick up and carry a piece of luggage that should roll?  The geniuses at Walkin' Bag have solved all of these problems for you.  They call it the "Walkin' Bag." Walkin' Bag began in 1996, when CEO Etsuo Miyoshi developed a bag that he could lean on. Mr. Miyoshi was a frequent traveler, and as a polio survivor, he wanted a bag that would meet his mobility needs.  Walkin' Bags have a patented height adjustable, curved Handle which support up to 250 pounds. When the user is carrying the bag, they will not need to use another support device like a cane. The bags are placed on a rolling chassis that has four 360° wheels. The special chassis allows the bag to slowly roll beside the user. You can literally let go of the bag on a decline and it will never stray too far from you. Regardless of the sturdy chassis, the bag is very light weight. The bag we have did not come with a seat, and weighed only 4.8 pounds! The ones with seats are only slightly heavier, weighing approximately 6.8 pounds. Anyone can easily pick either bag up if necessary and carry it. You can also remove the bag itself from the chassis and use the chassis to carry other heavier items. The entire bag and chassis is quite compact and attractive. For those who travel frequently on business and do not want to check their luggage, the Walkin Bag is carry on compliant. The particular Walkin' Bag we have for review is the Ballistic JetCart. Like all Walkin' Bags, it has the curved handle and 360 degree rolling wheels. It comes in an attractive black nylon fabric finish (red is also an option). It has a side pocket for a water bottle, and a strong zipper. There is also a good sized pouch on the back of the bag for small items like plane tickets, pens, and mp3 players. The only thing missing from the exterior of the bag was a handle on the side of the bag for those times when you need to pick the bag up and carry it alongside you. The interior of the bag is quite practical for those using it for business. There were dedicated pockets for documents, pens, a smartphone, and a pocket for a 15.4 inch laptop. If you want a bag for clothing, there are options that do not have the dedicated pockets inside the luggage. However, there were occasions where I used the bag for clothing alone, and I could fit everything I needed for a 5 day business trip in the bag regardless of the pockets. There is also a small zipper inside the bag for separating small items (I used this zipper for my passport) which proved quite handy. The Ballistic JetCart is a well made, practical suitcase for those in the business world, or anyone who wants a sturdy, rolling piece of carry on luggage. If you are mobility impaired, there is no better piece of luggage on the market for you. If you find yourself getting tired regularly during travel, opt for the version with the built in seat. The bag goes for $155.00 without the seat, and $170.00 for the model with the seat. I highly recommend this suitcase to anyone on the market for a piece of rolling carry on luggage, and all frequent travelers, especially those who are mobility impaired. Go to http://www.walkinbag.com and order yours today!