McDonalds New Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

McDonalds has added a new breakfast sandwich to their breakfast line up. In addition to their breakfast bagels, McGriddles, McMuffins, and wraps, they have now added breakfast biscuits. Tim Hortons has been serving breakfast biscuits in Canada for some time now, and in all honesty, I preferred them over McDonald's old offerings. This new biscuit definitely takes McDonalds back to the top of the fast food breakfast sandwich game. In an effort to promote the new sandwiches across Canada, McDonalds gave the biscuits away for free during breakfast hours on the mornings of February 9th and tenth. They come in 4 varieties. You can have bacon egg and cheese, sausage egg and cheese, just egg and cheese, or a plain biscuit with butter and jam. I tried the bacon egg and cheese sandwich, and I have to admit that it was absolutely delicious. McDonalds' McMuffins use a strange piece of egg with the yolk intact on the inside. I personally am not a fan of it. However, in the biscuit, McDonalds now uses what seems to be a freshly prepared scrambled egg. It tastes real and is quite delicious. The bacon used in the sandwich was fresh and crisp. The sandwich also contains a piece of McDonalds' standard cheese which tastes like a Kraft single slice. If I could change anything in the sandwich, it would be the cheese. McDonalds is not a luxurious establishment that uses fine ingredients, but they should definitely start using real cheese instead of processed garbage. A sprinkling of shredded cheddar would be far better than what they are currently using. Now what differentiates this sandwich from McDonalds' other breakfast sandwich entries? It is the biscuit itself. The biscuit was extremely fresh. They use buttermilk in the biscuits and it is amazing. The outer shell of the biscuit is warm and crispy, but the inside is soft and melts in your mouth when you bite into it. The taste of butter is apparent and when combined with the fresh egg, bacon and cheese, it is a deadly yet delicious experience for the taste buds. I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good breakfast sandwich or is looking for something quick and satisfying on the go. Now for the down side to the biscuit. We all know that McDonalds is not a healthy option for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The biscuit sandwich is about 260 calories. For a typical person who is recommended to intake about 2000 a day, 260 is not that bad when considering that the sandwich alone can satisfy you for breakfast along with a coffee. The biggest problem with the sandwich is that it has 7 grams of saturated fat. That counts for about 35% of a persons' recommended daily intake and is not a good number. However, if the rest of your meals during the day are low in saturated fat, then having this sandwich once in a while is not that bad for you. At the end of the day, McDonalds, just like other fast foods should be eaten in moderation. I personally enjoyed this sandwich and recommend it to everyone. Eat it once in a while and enjoy it, don't make it a daily treat.