WWE Monday Night Raw (January 31 2011) 2 21 11: What does it signify?

Monday's edition of WWE RAW has peaked a lot of people's interest. For one, the push of Alberto Del Rio continued on the right track. It isn't Del Rio's push that has the entire wrestling world talking, however. That distinct honor belongs to the eerie promo that aired twice during the broadcast. During the halfway point of Monday's Raw broadcast, a promo aired promoting the day "2 21 11," which is the day after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The rumors have begun to swirl. Is it the debut of newly signed "diva" Awesome Kong? Is it the long-awaited return of Triple H? How about The Undertaker? What about Sting? According to the New York Daily News, Steve Borden - otherwise known as "Sting" - has reportedly signed a 1-year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Borden has yet to sign a contract with TNA Wrestling, despite Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter insisting that he's returning to the organization. Borden has never worked for WWE, and has always been against their racy content. WWE, however, is rated-PG. Will this persuade Borden to sign with the company for a dream match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia? Atlanta is WCW country. What a storybook ending to have his final match against The Undertaker in front of 40, 000 fans at the Georgia Dome. The night before is the Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Philips Arena. Will that serve as the icing on the cake to get Borden to sign on the dotted line? Let's break down the options for WWE. Would WWE use a promotional video to build up the debut of a new woman's wrestler? I highly doubt it. As refreshing as it would be, I have a hard time believing that Vince McMahon would invest television time to beef up (pun intended) the women's division. Although, could you imagine if Kong debuted on the RAW the night after Elimination Chamber and destroyed the entire Diva's division? I would like to see Kong be utilized properly, but this is WWE after all. The chances of that happening are slim-to-none. Maybe this is the return of Triple H? Triple H hasn't been on television since April 2010 when he was taken out by Sheamus. He's undergone surgery on a torn triceps muscle, and has been given a promotion to Senior Advisor, working directly under Vince McMahon. WWE wants him to learn "the other side of the business" as he winds down his in-ring career. I'm not sure that Triple H's character suits the promo that aired on Monday's RAW. Maybe it's the return of the Deadman? The Undertaker has been out of action for months, and underwent serious shoulder surgery. WWE has no guarantee that Undertaker will be ready for WrestleMania. The current plan has Undertaker .vs. Wade Barrett, but if the company has indeed signed Sting to a contract, I'm sure all the plans would be out the window in favor of a Sting-Undertaker showdown. What does Sting mean in 2011 though? Is it really that big of a signing? Most of the fans that knew Sting from his WCW days don't watch wrestling anymore, and haven't since WCW was purchased by World Wrestling Entertainment in March 2001. Personally, I don't see it having the effect that WWE thinks it would have. And let's be honest here. The only reason WWE is even considering signing Sting is because TNA had plans to use Sting as part of the Main Event Mafia that was scheduled to return this week. WWE went out of there way to sign Booker T and Kevin Nash, simply to screw up TNA's storyline plans. Their signings caused TNA to have to re-write the entire storyline promoting "THEY ARE COMING." In the end, however, I'm sure whatever WWE decides to do, it will be a huge disappointment.

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