Mega Magic Presents: Mind Kontrol – Review

I just checked out a magic & mentalism show by award winning magician Mike D’Urzo from Mega Magic.  I have to say that it was amazing!  I’ve seen my fair share of magic shows but this one was so much more. The show was very interactive and combined magic & illusions with mentalism & mind reading.  One of the effects that really stood out was his Paintball routine.  It was a classic twist on the bullet catch where the magician catches a bullet between his teeth. There was also some mind blowing predictions that were pre recorded on video that came true with randomly selected spectators catching beach balls and frisbees in the audience. Another great effect was his opener, “Floating Rose” where a piece of crumpled up tissue paper starts floating in the air and up his arm. The tissue was then shaped into a rose where it floats and ignites into a massive flame turning into a real rose.  Mike had performed that trick previously on the television show “Keys to the VIP” on the Comedy Network. This wasn’t your typical ‘pull a bunny out of a hat’ magic show. One cool effect was when he wrote a prediction on a piece of paper and handed it to the volunteer to put into an empty box. He then gets the volunteer to randomly select an animal in her mind that she feared.  The girl picked a snake. The paper prediction in the box turned into a real live snake! One of his closing routines was lots of fun where he offered someone in the audience the chance to win $10,000 by borrowing a $100 bill. From all the great prizes that the girl could have won, she picked a lemon! Her signed bill ended up appearing inside of the lemon. Overall, the show was spectacular.  The theatre was sold out and everyone gave Mike a standing ovation. Mike D'Urzo's style was a cross between Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield. It was nice to see that the audience became a big part of the show.  His ability to manipulate peoples thoughts and his blend of comedy, magic and psychological illusions made for a very unique and entertaining performance. Mike's magic has been featured on numerous television shows across the country for networks including the Comedy Network, CTV, YTV, OMNI, Rogers and FUSE TV in the United States. He was one of seven performers nominated for 2010 “Canadian Entertainer of the Year” by the Canadian Event Industry Awards. He also performs at corporate events, theme parks, Hollywood movie premieres and international tours around the world. I’d highly recommend checking out his show when he is in a city near you.

Here is a clip from the show:

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