Jersey Shore Season 3 Trailer and Preview! Introducing New Character Deena!

After season one and season 2 of Jersey Shore had kids, teens and adults fist pumping and living the GTL (Gym tanning laundry) life style across the world, here comes more!  Only two short months after season two ended, we are already expecting a brand new season of Gym Tanning Laundry and drama from the cast of Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore's 3rd season is ready to start up again on January sixth, 2011. MTV has titled the third season "Jersey Shore: Back To Jersey." The crew is back to New Jersey and plenty of hookups, chaos and fun will ensue. MTV has recently released a new Jersey Shore Season 3 trailer which you can view at the bottom of this article. The Jersey Shore Season 3 trailer offers viewers a tiny glimpse of what we can expect from the Jersey Shore crew. Those who are fans of the show already know what to expect. There will be plenty of drinking, clubbing, partying, hooking up, arguments, hair pulling and cat fights. Watching the trailer now has me excited! For those who have never seen the show I can predict that the new season will offer more of the same excitement that we saw in the previous two seasons. Expect there to be a lot more hair pulling. From what we have seen, there are already a few surprises in store for fans that are given away by the Jersey Shore Season 3 trailer. Viewers can see Snooki fall down stairs, Ronnie getting a medical exam, and Sammi punching Ronnie in the jaw. To no one's surprise, we also get to see Snooki getting arrested just for being Snooki. There are also going to be plenty of new characters and new story lines and romances. The show introduces Deena, a good friend of Snooki who is HOT and makes a big first impression on the cast (especially the guys!). We are also introduced to Pauly C and other Guidos who love living the GTL life style. I know you are all wondering the same thing, and asking the same question, WHEN DOES THE NEWEST SEASON OF JERSEY SHORE: "BACK TO JERSEY" START? For all of you die hard fans, you can expect to see the newest episode of your favorite show premiering on January 6, 2011. I know most of you can't wait. Until then, watch some re runs and get excited. Its going to be a fantastic way to start off a brand new year! FIST PUMP!

Check out the trailer!