anberlin – Dark is The Way, Light is a Place (2010) Review

anberlin's new album Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place came out on September 7, 2010.   As someone who was listening to anberlin for the first time I couldn't determine whether this album left me wanting to listen to more.  There are ten songs on this album with titles that make you wonder, but some songs that end up being a disappointment. Here is the track listing:
  1. “We Owe This To Ourselves”
  2. “Impossible”
  3. “Take Me (As You Found Me)”
  4. “Closer”
  5. “You Belong Here”
  6. “Pray Tell”
  7. “The Art Of War”
  8. “ To The Wolves”
  9. “Down”
  10. "Depraved"
After listening to this album at least seven times it was still hard to come up with a closing statement. The songs are forgettable and most of them sound quite similar. They lack a certain lustre and flavour that makes you want to keep listening. Half way through listening to the album I found myself wishing it would end sooner. The lyrics attempt to convey deep emotional states but fall flat since they fail to move you on an emotional level. Despite an immense amount of repetition it is still hard to grab onto that favorite line that makes you want to listen to the song over and over again. It is fair to say that their music lacks charisma, but a very positive attribute is that the vocalist sounds more than decent, the voice is pleasant to listen to, not annoying, and just seems effortless. However you still don’t get absorbed in the music like you should. After listening to the album seven times I still forget the name of the very first song on the album, and that shows there is a problem. I think this is an album that is definitely for the teenage audience solely because it is music that sounds very familiar, and by listening you really don’t step out of your comfort zone. So, is this a good or a bad album? It is neither because it is not infuriating enough for me to advise people never to buy it nor is it good enough to say that this is definitely a must have album. It is an album that is in limbo and cannot decide whether it wants to be something different or something recycled. However in the end I do feel that it is a band that has its own rightful audience and if you are unfamiliar with them it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try.