Is Brock Lesnar Quitting UFC?

According to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo Sports, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is looking for an "exit strategy" to get out of his UFC contract, which most believe currently has one fight left on it. Lesnar "badly" wants to work WWE's WrestleMania 27 pay-per-view in Atlanta, Georgia next year and has been talking with WWE officials about how a deal can be reached. To further speculation, Lesnar has not been in contact with the UFC, or Dana White, since his last fight with Cain Velasquez. The loss has made Lesnar question himself on whether or not he is too far behind in the game to be the best heavyweight. With Lesnar's competitive nature, being second best is simply not an option. This comes as surprising news seeing as Lesnar was miserable in WWE with their hectic travel schedule and backstage politics. Lesnar is also at a stage in his life where he doesn't want the risk of being severely injured, and the business man in him may feel as though it's time to move on. Personally, as both a fan of pro-wrestling and MMA, I feel as though this would be a huge step backwards in the career of Brock Lesnar. He has improved by leaps and bounds with each fight, and leaving now would tarnish the legacy he has made for himself in his short MMA career. However, a man has to do what a man has to do. At 33, Lesnar may feel as though it's time to secure himself some big money paydays and call it quits while he's ahead. Lesnar is incredibly well-off financially and may see no reason to risk further injury. With three young children to support, Lesnar may be looking at occasional WWE appearances as a more secure financial option to support his family. The WrestleMania appearance would likely pay Lesnar somewhere in the neighbourhood of $3-million for one night's work. I'm sure the news of Brock Lesnar potentially leaving mixed martial arts will generate a mixed reaction to say the least. The MMA "purists" that have always held Brock's pro-wrestling past against him would sure be happy if he quit after a devastating loss. While the pro-wrestling fans that have become UFC fans because of Lesnar's association with the company would probably quit watching UFC altogether. Let's hope that this is nothing but speculation. Ultimately this could be nothing more than Brock's agent fueling rumors for his client in order to get him more negotiating leverage with both sides. Until we hear from the man himself, let's take this news with a grain of salt.