Gary Numan’s Epic Live Performance of Pleasure Principle

Music from the eighties’ has more then just impacted our lives as individuals. Not only has the 80s provided us with some amazing music videos that have been a routine play on MTV but, have dominated the airwaves of rock radio which have built their core of that one of a kind signature sound earning them more then just a typical label  “one hit wonder”.  We can’t forget how wonderful certain artists were in those days. They helped build our musical libraries and painted a vivid mental picture of how great music in the eighties’ actually was. One artist that has certainly done just that is Gary Numan. Perhaps one of his greatest achievements in the eighties was his one particular record known as "Pleasure Principle". That album established Gary Numan as a staple in the eighties’, and was one of his best works ever. It unveiled some of the greatest hits ever to come from just one recording. During this very special seventeen city tour of North America, Gary Numan revitalizes the eighties’ with one of his greatest achievements, Pleasure Principle which spawned the number one hit single “Cars”. It was extremely refreshing to hear the record in its entirety along with added hits as a bonus. As they say, a big Band or Artist in a small venue gives you that warm, intimate, close captured performance feeling you can only get at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia Pa. I myself have never actually seen Gary Numan live, I had no idea what to expect other then hearing his material which sounded re – polished and re -mastered making the entire performance amazing. Despite Numan’s throat issues that prevented him from performing a few songs with vocals on Pleasure Principle at the Trocadero, he still managed to give more then 100 percent in his ninety minute set that featured him also playing guitar.  It definitely felt like a time traveling concert event with all of those upbeat tempo instrumental tracks that spanned throughout Pleasure Principle. Gary Numan entered the stage right on queue, greeted the fans with some great smiles and began to entertain the semi – packed venue to what I saw as a countless generation of fans sporting Gary Numan Tour attire. You can’t help but just stand there and soak in every musical mental escape while Gary Numan demonstrated his ability to work his magic on the Keyboards with precision and a skill set that often had your eyes glued to the stage. Right from the beginning of the show, Gary Numan gave off a vibe, that even with an illness that kept him from performing certain songs, he still rocked it.  Could this have been a greatest hits show essentially? Typically speaking yes, Gary Numan does have a lot of material that he could have just jammed down your throat live but, one of his greatest achievements is the Pleasure Principle CD which put his name as an artist on the map back in 1979, Make no mistake; Gary Numan can still bring to life an era that captured his true signature sound. Adding the live performance recently at the Trocadero in Philadelphia during his mini Tour of America proves he can still be an amazing entertainer after all these years. Any one who attended the show would agree to that hands down.