Australian Pink Floyd’s Stellar Classic Rock Gems

Photo Courtesy of Steve Trager

They have wowed audiences across the globe with their brilliant lights, sound, and recreation of a stellar tribute to Pink Floyd. This ultimate live touring band known as Australian Pink Floyd have truly captured every classic rock gem that have become a staple in their shows year after year that have spanned music generations and concert fanatics that endure a spectacle of a live show which is nothing short of greatness. Year after year, Australian Pink Floyd have dominated the majority of their show with a complete album of choice and tossing in some prime classics at the end of the shows. It is always a great show as this band has entertained fans alike time after time with a superb full scaled stage production blending video clips within the music during key songs giving you a broad spectrum visual effect. The Individuals that make Australian Pink Floyd work like a well oiled machine as a live band is quite simple. Each member contributes their pure passion that has become a signature set in tone of such performances through out each show on the road. This time out, Australian Pink Floyd returned for one unforgettable evening of “Greatest Hits” at the Tower Theatre (a venue with great acoustics) for sound especially in rock shows. (I myself had the privilege) in 2006 where the band featured “Dark Side of The Moon” in it’s entirety on the first night to a sold out capacity and back then it was one great show then. Of course there are many great gems spanning the music of Pink Floyd that this band can perform which ultimately can be an endless four hour show easily. However, some key songs are known to be in great length over all. As one can see it is all about pleasing the fan with a roster of songs which has built the sound and legacy of a live show experience throughout a countless generation. The “Greatest Hits” behind this Tour focuses on the prime elements in classic rock keeping the realm of the actual original music in tact with one of the most amazing light shows ever! Australian Pink Floyd wouldn’t be complete without a stellar prop such as the “Flying Pig” concept from Animals. Even with a show crammed with all those amazing classic songs, there might just be a few missing here and there, they can’t do them all in one night it’s virtually impossible. As a Live Touring machine, Australian Pink Floyd can entertain to the finest degree next to the real McCoy. Classic never get old, they only get better in time as we sometimes forget how great a show like this comes around year after year but, can sell out in a heartbeat leaving someone out in the cold without a ticket in hand. Each song sounded amazing as they opened the first part of the show with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and ending that set with “One Of These Days” The high point of the show seemed to be the second set which was about an hour and forty plus minutes running down a great set of Classics like “Sheep”, “Time”, and “Wish You Were Here”. The stellar pinnacle point of the show was when the band performed “Money”, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)”, and “Comfortably Numb”. You can’t typically end a show without adding one of the greatest rock anthems of all time in Pink Floyd’s career and that being “Run like Hell” from “The Wall”. Truly a rock spectacle once again, as Australian Pink Floyd out do themselves on this “Greatest Hits” Tour capturing the heart and soul of one of Rocks’ Pioneers creating a stellar show never to be missed time and time again. Greatest Hits Set One: Shine on You Crazy Diamond ~ Learning to Fly ~ High Hopes ~ Welcome to the Machine ~ Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert ~The Fletcher Memorial Home ~ Pigs ~ One of These Days Greatest Hits Set Two: Echoes ~ Time ~ the Great Gig in the Sky ~ Keep Talking ~ Wish You Were Here ~ Money ~ the Happiest Days of Our Lives ~ another Brick in the Wall 2 ~ Comfortably Numb ~ Run Like Hell