RED (2010) Movie Review

If you enjoyed the A - Team, The Losers and the Bucket List, this is the movie for you.  Red is based on a DC Comic which is about really old, over the hill ex government operatives who are trying to live normal lives.  Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired CIA covert operative living in suburbia who is clearly bored with his new lifestyle.  He spends his days eating alone and trying to woo a woman named Sarah from the pension office (Mary - Louise Parker).   It turns out that someone wants Frank killed, and one night there is a massive assault on his home. Frank may be old, but he still has moves. He easily wipes out the crew of well armed hit men and sets off to find out who wants him dead. Along the way he kidnaps and introduces himself to Sarah, fearing that whoever wants him dead will go after her as well. I will not spoil the story, but the movie follows Frank and Sarah, as they move across the United States trying to find out who is trying to kill them. Along the way, Frank seeks help from some of his old crew. Joe (Morgan Freeman), Victoria (Helen Mirren), Marvin (John Malkovitch) and a former Russian enemy of Frank's (Brian Cox) team up to take the baddies down. The movie works well on a number of levels. Considering that most of these actors are senior citizens, the action scenes are fantastic.  The movie is like the Bucket List, as it is these operative's last kick at the covert operative can.  On a basic level this movie is a comedy. It is a parody of all of the movies like the A-Team and The Losers where a band of former covert operatives are turned on by their own government. The script is absolutely hilarious. John Malkovitch plays Marvin, a ridiculous character who is totally paranoid and lives in a bunker. He was supposedly subjected to LSD experimentation for 11 years and it shows. He was my favorite character in the movie and had me laughing hard. I personally enjoyed the movie a lot. It exceeded my expectations drastically. It's mix of action and comedy is perfect. If you are seeking a pure action thriller, this is not for you. However, if you are seeking a light action movie that will provide you with a lot of laughs then this is the film for you. My only complaint was that the core of the cast, Willis, Freeman, Malkovitch, Mirren and Cox were not on screen together long enough. This was a result of the plot and when they did collaborate, the scenes were priceless. Check this movie out while it is still in the theaters, or grab it when it comes out on DVD. I give it a 7.5 / 10