Jonah Hex (2010) Movie Review

I am a big fan of comic book to movie adaptations. Most comic book turned movies haven't had good reviews, however I've enjoyed the Fantastic Four and Spider Man series. Batman, Watchmen and the Iron Man movies all did very well in the box offices. DC Comics' relatively unknown comic series, Jonah Hex, follows the exploits of Jonah Hex, a scarred, left for dead bounty hunter who uses big weaponry and the ability to speak to the dead to hunt his nemesis, Turnbull. The movie and comics take place in the Wild West, where Hex was part of Turnbull's unit during the American Civil war. Hex disagrees with one of Turnbull's barbaric decisions, and left the unit, killing Turnbull's son, who was Hex's best friend in the process. The movie begins with Turnbull killing Hex's entire family right in front of his eyes as vengeance for what Hex did. Turnbull scars Hex's face for life and leaves him to die. Hex is found days later by a tribe of crow indians who revive Hex and endow him with the supernatural ability to speak to the dead. The movie is a successful and entertaining comic book to movie adaptation following Hex on his quest for revenge against Turnbull. Hex thinks that Turnbull is dead following a hotel fire and lives his life as a bounty hunter. He spends his days bounty hunting, and making love to Megan Fox's character, a prostitute who secretly loves and wants to settle down with Hex. The US government uncovers the fact that Turnbull is still alive, and is secretly assembling a massive weapon that he intends on using to destroy the United States. President Grant has his secret service recruit Jonah Hex to help them bring down the Turnbull. Hex cannot turn down the opportunity to finally get his revenge. Josh Brolin does an excellent job as Jonah Hex. He is his usual dark, brooding, stoic self. He is the perfect actor for the role. He shows rage, compassion, love and despair as convincingly as anyone. Megan Fox has a small role in the film and is not much more than eye candy and an insignificant love interest of Hex's. John Malkovitch does a great job as Turnbull. He is great at portrying crazy, power hungry individuals with contempt for life. I recommend this movie to fans of the Jonah Hex comic, and to those who like Wild west action films. The integration of comic book graphics into real footage is seamless and a fantastic addition to the movie. I give Jonah Hex a 7.5 / 10. Check out the trailer here: