Android VS. Iphone

Apple Computers latest financial reports indicate a 61% increase in IPhones sold over the same 3rd quarter as last year. Yet in spite of the record sales for IPhone fueled by IPhone 4 it seems that the Android army has exceeded those figures. While Steve and Cupertino Whiz Kidz have managed to grab a huge chunk of the Smartphone biz, Android still beats them. Apples "Closed" Operating system IoS4 may be beneficial in it's tight connection with Apple ONLY manufactured handsets, however the limitations imposed by Apples obvious inability to meet both demand and it's restrictive conditions on Cellular carriers give Android an advantage. The fundamental advantage of allowing Android to develop due to it's Open Source status clearly gives it yet another advantage over Apple. Several major Smartphone manufacturers, each equally as large and far more experienced than Apple give Android yet another serious leg up. One can certainly argue that the Motorola, Samsungs, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and LG's are rolling out record varieties of handsets. Compare that with Apple refreshing it's ONE annual offering....well....annually. I have seen more than one frustrated Potential IPhone 4 customer jump the fence and leave the store with a Pocket friendly Android. You couple that with a much larger choice of carriers than ONE!!! While Apples operating system modifications clearly relate to garnering new users and keeping old ones happy, Android has a WORLDWIDE base of FREE developers that are constantly adding and improving Android. Imagine having a limitless army of free programmers that are as good or better than those paid by Apple. The HUGE R&D budgets spent collectively by Android handset makers surely exceeds that of Apple. Add to the fact that there is a much greater selection of handsets than one. The handset competition amongst the larger players adds features regularly with each new incarnation of model. This basic principal of competitive behavior will far outweigh any effort by Apple once a year. The other major consideration is the amount of frustrated Apple fans that have been frustrated and angered by their inability to buy the latest fruit from Apples orchard.....the IPhone 4. This writer, an avid IPhone user of the 2G, 3G, 3GS could only tolerate a two month wait before abandoning the Apple orchard for the first shuttle to DroidLand. One feature that Apple has yet to consider is a slideout keyboard. This feature, first seen on the hugely popular HTC-T-Mobile G-1 has been successfully followed by Motorolas Droid/Milestone and the very recent launch if HTC-TMobile's G2 and HTC Desire Z. These keyboard based models demonstrate how popular the hybrid large screen physical keyboard models can be. Apples unwillingness to embrace this in their designs will serve to insure that the IPhone will not be seriously considered as a business tool. Androids true multitasking, removable memory, customizable Roms, and removable battery will keep an IPhone out of the hands of individuals wanting and needing these features. Hardware upgradeability is becoming more and more of a serious consideration in a rapidly changing world if technology. While there are those that find certain merits in the IPhone, the advantages offered by Android and it's vast selection of handsets (Wikipedia lists 85 handsets as of today) will guarantee an rapidly growing advantage for Android.