WWE RAW Review (September 13 2010)

After a short hiatus, I'm back with this week's RAW review. This week marked the "season premiere" of RAW (I never understood that, but whatever). The show started off backstage with the camera zooming in on the RAW Roulette wheel. Orton and Cena stood face to face waiting for the announcement on their main-event tonight. The wheel landed on a Tables Match. Justin Roberts introduced Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. The crowd popped huge for the hometown boy. He was interupted by The Miz, who cut another fantastic promo (damn, he gets better every week!). Before the Miz could say his catchphrase, he was stopped by the mystery RAW GM. Johnson introduced Daniel Bryan and said it would be a submission match between himself and The Miz. Talk time: 7:25. An effective counter-punch to NFL week 1 or a reminder that, oh yeah, there's football on ESPN tonight? Submission Match The Miz (w/Alex Riley) .vs. Daniel Bryan Of course, Miz backed out of the match and threw Riley in there. Bryan submitted him pretty quickly and was made to look strong during this match. Winner: Daniel Bryan at 0:34. Miz really enhanced his character in this segment. Great work overall by all parties. Backstage: Jillian spun the wheel and sang, "You spin me 'round, 'round." Suddenly, Edge entered and hammed it up with Jillian singing 'round, 'round with Jillian. Edge was classic there. He's announced as being in a body slam challenge. Body Slam Challenge: Edge .vs. Evan Bourne Edge dominated the match and won easily. Winner: Edge at 1:14. After the match, Edge wasn't satisfied and attacked Bourne. The RAW GM chimed in and said he wasn't happy with Edge's antics, and announced a new opponent for Edge in the body slam challenge... MARK HENRY! Body Slam Challenge Edge .vs. Mark Henry The 400-pound Henry made his way out to the ring. Edge teased a bodyslam, but Henry blocked it easily and slammed Edge for a decisive win. Winner: Mark Henry at 0:32. This was dreadful. Overall I thought it made Edge look silly and not look a top contender in the 5-pack challenge at Night of Champions. Dance Competition: Ted DiBiase & Maryse .vs. R-Truth & Eve Torres God, this was dreadful. RAW is becoming more difficult to watch with each passing week. It's so insulting to older viewers. Winner: Who cares? Backstage: William Regal was with the Bella Twins. The wheel landed on Switching Places. Regal's opponent? Goldust. Ugh. Falls Count Anywhere: Sheamus .vs. John Morrison Good match. Exciting and fast paced. I would have liked to see it last a little longer, but I digress. Morrison is way more over with the audience then he has been since moving to the RAW brand. Two week's of solid booking and his character is back on track. Winner: Sheamus at 6:43. In the ring, Jericho was sitting in a trance state with the microphone on his knees. Jericho was demanding to be reinstated in the 6-pack challenge at Night of Champions. He told the GM that if he doesn't get what he wants, he will leave WWE once and for all. Great promo by Jericho. He said that before he leaves, he will expose the GM's identity to the entire world. "Try me," said Jericho. The GM chimed in and Cole tried to introduce the e-mail but Jericho snapped on him. "Of course you have an e-mail, idiot, just read it!" Brilliant work by Jericho. Handicap Match: Steel Cage The Hart Dynasty .vs. Chris Jericho The match logic was flawed, but Jericho's two-segment performance, in dress clothes no less, was simply terrific. He is definitely the true MVP in WWE. Winner: Chris Jericho at 5:15. Goldust .vs. William Regal The stip in this match had Goldust dress as Regal and Regal dress as Goldust. It was beyond ridiculous. Regal is an amazing performer. Regal and Jericho is simply back-to-back greatness. Tables Match John Cena .vs. Randy Orton: Good match. Nexus interfered during the overrun to some incredible heel heat. Slater took a sick bump when Cena tossed him outside the ring through the table. Winner: Randy Orton at 16:55. They made Orton look strong here. It will be interested to see the buyrate on this show.