WWE RAW Review (August 30 2010)

Bret Hart kicks off the 900th episode of WWE RAW. He talks about some of the moments on RAW and says that the only man still active from that period is The Undertaker. Kane's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He talks about how he will destroy The Undertaker once and for all. Arena goes black and Taker is in the ring. The RAW GM chimes in and announces Bret Hart .vs. Undertaker as tonight's main-event. Ridiculous. Bret Hart is not allowed to take bumps due to an insurance policy that he has when his career was ended due to post-concussion syndrome. I don't know why WWE insists on booking him in main-events on the show when everyone in the crowd and at home know he can't wrestle anymore. Talk about insulting your audience's intelligence. Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Kaval & Daniel Bryan .vs. Kofi Kingston & Michael McGuillicuty .vs. The Miz & Alex Riley Michael Cole made a cryptic heel comment when he refered to Bryan and Kaval as the Internet team made in heaven. The Miz was able to pull out the win here. Winners: The Miz & Michael McGuillicuty at 3:18. The three-way format is way overdone. It served it's purpose, however, as it will likely lead to a U.S. title match between The Miz and Bryan. Melina & Eve Torres .vs. Lay-Cool Melina was able to score the quick pin in less than a minute. Why even bother having a match? Laycool issues a unification challenge for Night of Champions. The lack of depth in the women's division is forcing a unification match. Winners: Melina & Eve Torres at 0:58. R-Truth & John Morrison .vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre This match is supposed to name the number one contender's to the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, it lasts less than a minute with no winner. Winners: No decision. What was the point of this match? I hope this is going somewhere, otherwise it was another storyline with no direction. Completely pointless. Jack Swagger .vs. Evan Bourne Another fantastic promo by Swagger, as the SmackDown talent seems to be getting more love than RAW. Winner: Jack Swagger via submission at 2:16. Seriously, did TNA take over the booking for the night? Absolutely ridiculous presentation of a pro-wrestling show. About 30 seconds into the match, Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he interupts the match, talking about how he took out Rey Mysterio. He is one of the best characters to debut in quite some time. Next up was a CM Punk and SES promo. Fantastic promo work by Punk. He was phenomenal. They pulled a Stone Cold bait and switch, tricking the crowd into thinking Austin was going to come out and beat up SES. Of course, he didn't show up and Big Show came out to attack the SES. Long segment. A little too long in my opinion. Team WWE .vs. Nexus: Pointless main-event. Nexus has lost all the steam they had as a unit. They should have been kept strong and won at SummerSlam. It's unfortunate that WWE has screwed this up. Barrett was made to look weak against Undertaker, so him pinning Orton didn't mean much. Terrible show.