Will Carmelo Go to the Nets in 4 Team Blockbuster Deal

With NBA training camps starting today, most of the buzz around the NBA is surrounding superstar Carmelo Anthony and where he will end up. This whole offseason has been full of rumors of him going to Nets, Bulls, Knicks, and Houston. Carmelo was born in New York and has expressed numerous times to Denver management that New York is his first choice of destinations. Melo wants to play in a big market and New York would be a perfect fit for him. He is the type of player that can handle the media pressure of a big market like New York. I wrote an article a few months ago saying that he would be an ideal fit for the New York Knicks, and I stand by it now. Now there are rumors flying around that a four team blockbuster that may go down really soon. Denver would move Carmelo to the New Jersey Nets, The Nets would give Denver Derrick Favours the 3rd pick in the 2010 draft, and the expiring deal of Troy Murphy and one to two future first round picks. Nets would then ship Devin Harris to the Bobcats, Bobcats would trade Boris Diaw to the Jazz, Jazz would move Andrei Kirilenko to Denver, and the Jazz would also get Quinton Ross from the Nets. The Nets, Bobcats and Jazz are waiting for Denver to give them an answer to the four-team trade that took place last week. The Nets are trying to sell Carmelo on signing an extension with the Nets and playing along side young center Brook Lopez and new coach Avery Johnson. The Nets are coming off a horrible season with a record of 12 wins and 70 losses. Even with Carmelo in the lineup, they are not going to get more then 30-35 wins and will still miss the playoffs.  The Nets aren't willing to do the deal unless Carmelo agrees to sign the extension with them. Supposedly Carmelo has told the Denver management he doesn't want to go to the Nets, and told them to keep pursuing a deal with the Knicks. The Nuggets aren't sold on the Knicks offer of Eddy Curry's expiring contract, Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph and Toney Douglas. The Bulls are supposedly offering Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, and James Johnson, but the Nuggets want a deal made around young center Joakim Noah. Carmelo had this to say to the media today as the training camps opened. "I'm leaving my options open. At the end of the season, I'll sit down with my team, I'll sit down with the Nuggets," Anthony said. "I've never said I wanted to be traded," he said. "I never once said anything about trade talk." In the NBA, a player isn't allowed to come out publicly and say that he wants to dealt or he will be fined. Carmelo is doing the right thing and not saying anything. We all know behind closed doors he isn't staying in Denver and isn't signing the extension that the Nuggets offered him. If I was the Nuggets management I would move him asap to ensure that I get something for him. If they do not move him, they will lose him for nothing at the end of the season when he becomes a free agent. If I was Carmelo, I wouldn't sign the extension with the Nets because they don't have a bright future, his best bet is to go to the Knicks. This is going to be a big storyline to follow this season. Lets all wait and see what happens.