The Ultimate Fighter 12: GSP VS Koscheck

The new season is upon us, as season 12 kicks off for The Ultimate Fighter, this Wednesday on Spike TV at 10pm.  George St-Pierre will eventually defend his title against Josh Koscheck on December 11th in his hometown of Montreal.  This season, the show will only showcase lightweights, there are 28 in total vying for a UFC contract. If the past seasons have taught us anything, it will for sure be a crazy time in the house, filled with lots of fun and amazing MMA fights. Throughout the years, we've seen some of the better fighters in the UFC come through the ranks via The Ultimate Fighter, so it'll be interesting to see what new star will rise this season and stick around for years to come. You've got the good guy in GSP vs the bad boy in Koscheck, St-Pierre is the face of the UFC, a well rounded fighter who beats you at your game.  GSP is very marketable as you'll catch him in your latest under armour ads. George won a decision over Koscheck at UFC 74 in August of 2007.  If history repeats itself, St-Pierre should win yet again over Josh Koscheck, and hopefully that'll keep his mouth shut for a while. There's no denying Koscheck likes to run his mouth, but against George, just like last time, he'll come up short. With the drama in the house and between the fighters it really makes me want to watch season 12. I expect to see Koscheck trying to get under St-Pierres skin, but George isn't the one to talk back, as he likes to do his talking in the ring, which has worked for him his whole career.  The hardwork that these 28 lightweights will put in is truly remarkable, it is an art form.  To watch the progression of the fighters and seeing them master  various martial arts is great to see.  I know all of the UFC fans out there are ecstatic to see TUF Season 12, especially all of the knockouts and submissions.