The Tokyo Game Show: Sony Demos 3D Gaming & Playstation Move

Sony recently set up an exhibit in Tokyo at the "Tokyo Game Show" which opened on Thursday.  Sony's exhibit demonstrated 3D gaming as well as it's newly launched motion sensor controller, the Playstation Move.  Sony also demonstrated some of their upcoming highly anticipated games.  Fans were awed by the driving sim Gran Tourismo 5, and the first person shooter Killzone 3.  Gamers at the show lined up in droves to test out the demos. Sony has many reasons to push 3D. They need to sell their 3D televisions, their Playstation 3s, their 3D games, and other peripherals. There is concern that by moving too quickly with 3D technology, Sony may be jumping into a market that doesn't have enough demand yet. Industry critics have said that 3D won’t be meaningful for three to five years. There has been recent debate over how popular 3D TV will become. As of now, there is very little content which truly supports 3D. The deterrent for many consumers is the fact that in order to view the programming correctly, you need to buy the expensive glasses. Sony said that 3D games that are coming out this year can also be played in 2D on any TV. Sony hopes that by offering more 3D games, consumers will be motivated to buy 3D TVs. Sony was one of the only vendors embracing 3D at the show. Microsoft was showing off it's Playstation Move competitor, the "Kinect", but offered no 3-D demonstrations. Nintendo is about to launch a 3D handheld system called the 3DS, but surprisingly had a minimal presence at the game show. The 3DS doesn’t require special 3D glasses. This is a leg up on the competition who still require glasses to be worn for the full 3D effect. Many critics believe that the 3DS will be the first piece of technology to successfully bring 3D gaming to the masses. However, the 3DS is portable and is not intended for hardcore gamers who play for hours and use consoles like XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3. The argument for the 3DS is that while playing a 3D game on a console, it remains to be seen how long a gamer could endure wearing 3D glasses. I know that when I saw Avatar in 3D, my head was hurting from the glasses after an hour or so. Gamers have said that the experience was fun, but uncomfortable. Sony has lined up many developers to support 3D gaming, but the rest of the industry appears to be reluctant to enter the fray because additional investment is necessary for these types of games. Sony said that the 3D games will cost approximately the same as a regular game. Gran Tourismo 5 is due to hit the stores in early November, while Killzone 3 is due some time next year. Sony expects to launch several 3D titles later this year that work with Playstation Move.