Predators (2010) Review

For those of you who are fans of the Predator franchise, in my opinion it has taken a hit recently.  The Alien vs Predator series wasn't a true homage to the classic Predator movies from the 1980s.  When I found out that Robert Rodriguez had taken on the newest Predator movie, Predators, I was really excited.  Rodriguez is great at mixing the horror and action genres and creating a unique symbiosis which results in awesome movies.  Rodriguez did not disappoint and he brought a new twist which could revitalize the Predators franchise. For those of you who have never seen a Predator movie before, Predators are large aliens who look like they have dreadlocks. They wear full armor which hides their hideous faces. They use high tech weaponry and cloaking systems to stalk and hunt their prey - humans. In the first couple of movies, the Predators came to earth to hunt us. This movie provides a new twist.  The Predators have captured some of the deadliest people on earth.  Yakuza, KGB, US Special forces Black Ops, Drug Cartel enforcers and more.  They provided them with weapons and dropped them into a never ending jungle.  What the people don't know is that they are not on earth anymore.  They are on an alien planet that acts as a game reserve, and the game being hunted is them.  The movie revolves around how the group of humans bands together to survive.  I will not spoil it for you, but there are many twists along the way.  For those of you who are squeamish and do not like gore, this is not a movie for you. There are several well known actors in the film.  Adrien Brody plays Royce, the "leader" of the group.  He is an ex special forces operative who became a mercenary.  Brody does a great job in the film, being tough, conniving, and the strongest of the group.  I did not expect him to play a tough guy role like this, but he puts on a good show.  Topher Grace, from that 70s Show, plays a doctor who is the weakest and most vulnerable of the group.  He is unarmed throughout the film yet manages to stay alive for a long time.  He is hiding a dark secret that I won't spoil for you.  Laurence Fishburne plays a man who has survived several of these hunts.  He has managed to stay alive on the planet for years, by becoming a predator himself.  The stars of this movie, the Predators, do not speak, yet are terrifying and fearsome throughout.  They stalk the humans, plan traps for them, and dispatch all types of wildlife to test their prey.  They really are the stars of the film. The movie takes place in a gorgeous jungle.  The scenery is phenomenal, and the combination of natural beauty and computer generated graphics work very well together.  You can see the glowing green eyes of the Predators as they emerge from their cloaks.  Their blood glows neon green, and their weaponry looks realistic.  It all works well together and looks real.  The Predators themselves have come a long way since the 1980s.  The textures on their skin are realistic, and the movement in their faces is other-worldly.  It all adds up to provide an authentic Predator experience. As an action - horror fan, and one who has enjoyed the Predator franchise, I really enjoyed the movie.  Its not going to win any oscars, nor is it going to be a classic.  However, Robert Rodriguez has done a great job with it, and in my opinion has revitalized the Predator franchise.  I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Predator, or those who enjoy action movies.  If you are squeamish and do not like gore, this movie is not for you.  Check it out when it comes out on DVD!  I give it a 7.5 / 10

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