NBA 2K11 Trailers: Signature Moves Trailer Featuring David Lee, Derrick Rose & Rajon Rondo, & Michael Jordan Trailer

2K Sports released a new trailer for their popular NBA 2k11 series.  The game is expected to be launched in stores in early October.  Many people favor the 2K sports series over EA's NBA Live Series for basketball games.  The game is highly anticipated.  The trailer features Derrick  Rose and David Lee playing the game and trash talking one another.  Rajon Rondo promptly interrupts their game and reminds them who holds a championship ring.  Check the trailer out, and grab the game when it hits the stores!

To build up the hype surrounding the game, 2K Sports has brought Michael Jordan back out of retirement. Players can control Jordan in all of his glory for the first time in years! I haven't seen what he is rated in the game yet, but I'd imagine he's through the roof. His ability to hit clutch shots and dominate the game still remains unmatched. Check out this second trailer featuring none other than MJ himself.