Beauty Talk: Simply Smashing – SMASHBOX Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer Review

There are many people out there that feel tinted moisturizers don’t give the same amount of coverage as foundation. I can only agree with them, and because different skin types need different amounts of coverage a tinted moisturizer might not be for everybody. However in my experience I have nothing to say but good things about tinted moisturizers, for someone who likes light, sheer coverage a tinted moisturizer will prove to be a trusty friend. The Smashbox sheer focus tinted moisturizer is a great pick for those that want a light coverage and a look that covers imperfection but still says – I am not wearing any makeup. The coverage is sheer and leaves the skin looking radiant. I would not recommend it for people that have really oily skin, even though on the box it says that the formulas is oil-free, I can however, see how this tinted moisturizer could look slightly shiny on really oily skin. Those that have either dry skin or combination skin (and have in the past experienced dry patches formed by foundation that was too drying) have no worries because this product does not dry out the skin. And this might seem like simple common sense but not all products (even tinted moisturizers) are moisturizing enough and are not greasy, that give you the same result. I would recommend this product for those who are just starting out with makeup and don’t want to guesstimate whether their drugstore purchase will be a good one. Also if you are in high school and have the money to spend on good quality products but obviously being in an academic setting want to look fresh and natural this is also a good product for you. The sheer focus tinted moisturizer is really easy to blend it does not leave streaks and it is just as comfortable putting it on with your fingers as it is with a brush. It is good when you’re in hurry and when you have some time; it takes about two minutes to put on either way. The formula is really soft and smooth and feels very silky when on the skin. It glides on easily. The tinted moisturizer does feel more like a foundation; it is not as thick as some moisturizers are and I wouldn’t say that it is a very creamy feeling product. The great thing about this tinted moisturizer is that you can hardly feel it on the skin, it is essentially weightless, and makes the skin feel very soft and it is left touchable. This tinted moisturizer also comes with an SPF of 15 so it protects your skin from sun damage. My verdict? The Smashbox sheer focus tinted moisturizer is a great product that definitely deserves a good 8.5/10; it is smooth, makes your skin look really great, easy to use and is great for travelling since it comes in a 50 ml tube. The packaging is very simple, a black box and a black tube with white writing on it - so if you are looking for something that has very simple but still classy packaging, nothing over the top, then you are definitely going to like this product.  This tinted moisturizer worked very well for me, once again, I am not advertising this product and I am not saying that it will work wonderfully on everybody. However, I do suggest you give the Smashbox tinted moisturizer a shot because ( in my opinion) it is a really good quality product that is just great to have for everyday to wear places like work or school. This is a product that is great if you have a busy schedule and want a bit of coverage and to look presentable but without spending an hour in the morning on your makeup. So try this product and hopefully you can fall in love with it as much as I have. by: Darya K