Beauty Talk: Back To The Future! – Some Tips and Tricks For Your Lips

The oh-so-classic red lip has not gone out of style just yet. There is still some time left to feel like you are part of the old Hollywood glamour. However many girls and women feel that a red lip just isn’t for them, maybe it is too bold, or too daring or too inappropriate for everyday life or work. I will go over a few ways (like a true red lip fanatic) that will make you feel comfortable in the colour both day and night. For me the secret has always been in the shade of red and the opacity of the colour. No one says that you have to look like Marilyn Monroe everyday at the office, but a red lip always adds a mystery to your look and always looks chic. So what happens if you love the colour but feel that you can’t wear it unless you are going out at night? The solution to that problem is simple, put away your big, bold reds and take out those sheer red glosses and lipsticks that you thought never gave you enough colour. Wearing a red lip does not always mean that you have to look like you’ve decided to match the fire-hydrant, a red that will enhance your natural lip colour be it dark or light will always give you that fresh, youthful look. Just use a lipstick or a gloss with a sheer wash of colour with no lip pencil underneath. This look is easy to pair with neutral eyes, or just some mascara and blush. This look is simple and fresh and can be done in practically five minutes which is great for someone that is on-the-go. It can even work for high school students who want to look fresh and clean in the morning when they come to school. This kind of makeup is great for travelling. Another tip for wearing red lipstick is: stop being afraid of wearing red lipstick! There is nothing wrong if you go out with your friends during the day and you are sporting a perfect, red pout. Just remember, who cares if you think that people are staring at you! Probably they are but not because they think you look awkward instead they are admiring you for your courageous and outgoing personality. Who else will have the guts to sport such a look in broad day light! Just remember, when wearing a colour that is opaque fill your lips in or simply outline them with a lip pencil this way you prevent feathering and make your lipstick last longer. It is best to pair red lips with a neutral eye for day and for night you can do the classic pin up! Wearing red lipstick can be a fun and outgoing experience in any girls or woman’s life. Red lips are fun, flirty, fresh and sophisticated; the way you want to wear it depends entirely on the mood you are in.  Red lipstick compliments every woman in many different ways; it speaks the universal language of beauty and due to all the different shades can match any skin tone or colour perfectly. So don’t be afraid, whether you want to look young and fresh or bold and daring a red lipstick will always be the equivalent to the little black dress; every girls ‘gotta’ have one! by: Darya K.