Toshiba to Offer Glasses Free 3D TV!

Toshiba is planning to release the first 3D Television that doesn't require viewers to wear those tedious 3D glasses to receive the full 3D effect. The TV is supposedly going to be released in three different sizes and will be released in time for this year's holiday season. (HINT HINT!) Unfortunately, prices have not yet been set, but will likely be similar to high end televisions and be several thousand dollars each. The TVs will utilize a unique technology, which will emit multiple rays of light from various angles, so viewers sitting at various positions around the TV can see stereoscopic images without glasses. This means less eye strain on viewers. Glasses-free 3D has actually been possible already, but surprisingly hasn't found its way into the market. This is because up until now, the TVs had a very limited "sweet spot" where the image aligns properly. These newer designs widen the "sweet spot" and create more of them to allow multiple viewers. Toshiba hasn't commented on these reports, and isn't making any official statements about glasses-free 3D TVs at the time. I am highly anticipating these new TVs because those glasses are a pain in the butt and leave me with a headache. Please Toshiba, start the trend SOON!