National League MVP race who will win it?

With the season winding down in baseball, we will look at the National League MVP race and who I think will win it this season. It will be hard to decide who will win the award. The past few seasons the award has gone to Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, a three time MVP. This season he has some stiff competition. We will take a look at the top 3 guys I think are in contention for the National League MVP award: Albert Pujols: He is having another great year for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is hitting .320 with 35 homeruns, 95 rbis, 92 runs and 12 stolen bases. He leads the National League in homeruns, rbis, is third in average, second in on base percentage and first in slugging. He is always at the top of all offensive categories every year and this year isn't any different. Usually the Cardinals win their division very easily, but this year the Cincinnati Reds have been the huge surprise team in the National League leading the Central division. Cardinals have a record of 69 wins and 59 losses, and have really struggled against the lower end teams this year. As of right now the Cardinals sit 5 games back of the Reds. Pujols is a big part of this team because without his production their offensive production wouldn't be as solid even though they have a very solid pitching staff led by Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter. Joey Votto: No one would have thought that Joey Votto would even be in the MVP voting, but this year has been a breakout year for him and the Reds. Votto is hitting .326 this year, with 32 homeruns, 92 rbis, 91 runs and 11 stolen bases. Votto is tied in second place in homeruns with Adam Dunn, second in rbis, leads the National League in on base percentage and is second in slugging. He is the main reason the Cincinnati Reds are doing really well this year plus their pitching staff has been solid also. If you were to take out Votto from their lineup, their next best guy is Scott Rolen who has 19 homeruns and 73 rbis but the team wouldn't be the same. Votto is their leader on the offense. The Reds have played amazing this year with a record of 75 wins and 55 losses, 20 games over .500 and no one would have thought that once the season started that the Reds would be this good and sitting in first place in the Central. Carlos González: González plays for the Colorado Rockies and has quietly put together a very solid season for the Rockies. After this season González will have been in the majors for only 3 seasonsy. He is only 24 years old and played an average of 85 games the past two seasons and now he is getting his opportunity in Colorado and showing his potential. He is hitting .323, with 27 homeruns, 86 rbis, 84 runs, 20 stolen bases.  He is 7th in homeruns, tied 3rd in the league in rbis with David Wright and Adrian González, 2nd in the National League in average, 7th in runs, 3rd in the league in slugging percentage. Right now the Rockies sit with a record of 67 wins and 61 losses and are only 4.5 games back of the wild card leading Phillies. Unless the Rockies make another magical run and win the wild card race, I just don't see this kid winning the award. He is someone though to look out for in the future because he has great potential to be a star in the league. Overall I think Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds deserves the MVP award. He is having an amazing season and has lead the Reds to the top of the Central division. I think the vote will be really close because Pujols is having his usual solid season, but this time I give the edge to the Toronto boy himself, Joey Votto. What do you think?