Maison Du Japon: All You Can Eat Sushi Review

I am always on the hunt for a good sushi restaurant. I was told that a new all you can eat sushi place had opened in Toronto. At the corner of Woodbine and John in Thornhill rests Maison Du Japon. For $12.99 at lunch you can eat a whole aquarium of delicious seafood. Dinner is around $20 for all you can eat, so the place offers decent value. The Set Up It is deceiving when you first arrive as it is situated in a complex that seems more suited to business offices rather than a restaurant. Once you enter the restaurant the decor is actually nice. There are Japanese themed paintings and figurines all over the place. My only complaint about the set up is that the chairs were extremely uncomfortable. I like to get comfy and take my time at these all you can eat buffets, so I was unhappy about the chair. I guess that is their way of controlling turnover. They get people to eat fast, and leave so they can replace them with new customers. Service Most buffets and all you can eat restaurant experiences are marred by poor customer service and cold food at the buffet table. At Maison, there is no buffet table. Everything you want is made to order, or is SUPPOSED TO BE. Our spring rolls were still frozen in the middle, and my shrimp tempura weren't crispy and fresh. They seemed to be reheated from the previous day. The waiters were always around to take orders, but our food often took forever to arrive. The only thing the waiters were very good about was refilling soft drinks. These restaurants are smart. Offer unlimited pop, and people will fill up on gassy beverages instead of eating expensive seafood. To cap the main course off, my girlfriend ordered a chicken cutlet. It took forever, and finally arrived AFTER we finished our green tea ice cream. The Food The most important part of the dining experience is the food. Service can be great, but if the food itself sucks, then what good was the service? I have to say that the sushi at Maison was quite good. The fish all seemed to be fresh and was served at the right temperature. I really dislike it when I am eating warm sushi. The Japanese fried rice was delicious and fresh, and the black pepper steak was seasoned perfectly. Other than the reheated tempura and the frozen spring roll issues, the food was overall delicious. My only gripe was that the "beef teriyaki" I ordered looked like dog food. It didn't taste bad, but the look of it turned my girlfriend off and she refused to eat it. I can imagine there would be other eaters who would share her feelings towards it. Overall, Maison Du Japon is a pretty good all you can eat sushi place. The menu, even at lunch, has a wide variety of options. The service isn't the best, but it isn't the worst I've experienced at an all you can eat. The decor is nice, and there are even private rooms where you can sit on cushions on the floor and have an "authentic" Japanese dining experience. The sushi was good, and the hot food options were respectable. If you are looking for good value, and good sushi, Maison Du Japon is the place for you.