Elixor Fantastic International Cuisine in Montreal

I just had the pleasure of having a wonderful meal at a funky new restaurant on the West Island of Montreal called Elixor. The high ceilings and modern decor and spacious layout attract you immediately when you enter. The menu is quite diverse and covers International dishes with a slant to Asian Fusion and Italian as well as other traditional favourites. We were in a group of 7 people and enjoyed a variety of dishes.  The Cajun Chicken cutlets with a spicy spaghettini was perfectly cooked and delicately spiced by the use of fresh vegetables and tomatoes.  The sauce had just enough heat but a huge amount of flavour and the pasta was perfectly cooked, not to firm and not too soft...just the way we like it.   We opted for the Cajun Jumbalaya which consisted of a spicier sauce that was richly flavoured but had a bit more bite than the Cajun Chicken.  The dish also came with your choice of rice or pasta, but we opted for the spaghettini as well.  There was a generous amount of chicken that was perfectly spiced and cooked to give it a juicy flavourful texture.  There were three huge shrimps that were probaby the best flavoured, plump, juicy and tender crustaceans I have had in a very long time.  You would wonder whether these were caught fresh right from the ocean, yes they were that good!!! The other guests opted for the Eggless Caesar Salad that was an amazing vinagrette with hints of garlic and anchovy blended together in such a way not to lean more to one flavour than the other.  It had a refreshing flavour that coated the freshly prepared lettuce in a most delicious way.   Our other two guests opted for the special Lobster Ravioli which was sumptuous and rich while being very flavourful.  Finally our last guest had the Bon Be shrimp, which was a dish of 5 large grilled shrimps in an amazing sauce that normally includes a pototo pancake but our guest opted to swap for rice which was a nice addition to the sauce. Prices at Elixor are not cheap, however the portions are large and certainly there is enough left over to bring home for a nice lunch or another dinner.  Average entree prices range from the low teens to over the $30 but there is something for everyone and its well worth the price for the quality and portions you receive.