Desserts Plus Italian Restaurant

I don't know about you but I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!! It gets boring having the usual Chain food fare like pizza delivery or going to your local East Side Marios. Sometimes you want a really authentic dinner just like your Italian Grandmother would make....provided that you are Italian. For those of us that can only imagine what that would be like, or don't have a wallet full of cash to fly to Italy, there is Desserts Plus. Desserts Plus is not what the name leads you to believe. Yes they do have excellent cakes and frozen ice creams and Gelato. However the real STAR here is the Italian Brick Oven Baked PIZZA and of course the food. The Piselli family owns and operates the restaurant located in the heart of Woodbridge, Ontario located at 8611 Weston Road, just a block North of Langstaff on the East Side. We have been coming to Desserts Plus for many many years now and have even moved with them from their original location on Highway 7 to their newest location on Weston Road. They have banquet facilities upstairs and on ocassion when there is nothing going on will use it for the overflow in the restaurant. Whenever we come there is ALWAYS a lineup and most of those people have reservations. I have learned one thing, don't make the mistake of showing up without one or you will be waiting a very very long time. Yes this is a busy place and yes you can stand at the door for a while before they acknowledge that you are waiting for a table. The reason is that this place has a revolving door with customers going in and out and all of them have big smiles on their faces. If you want to pay $30 for a fancy pasta dish that has all of 2 ounces of pasta, 1 ounce of sauce, and a candle light atmosphere then don't go to Desserts Plus. If you want fresh homemade delicious food just like your Italian Nonna would make (if you had one) then you have come to the right place. We are always seated and within minutes have a pitcher of water (upon request) and a big basket of fresh bread and butter. Ask for their spicy oil which they keep in front of the Authentic Italian Wood Oven. We love to dunk our bread in the spicy oil and it keeps you from raiding the kitchen while you watch all the exquisite dishes go by. These portions are made for people with big appetites. My wife and daughter love the Veal Parmigiana which comes with your choice of any pasta and sauce. There are two huge pieces of veal and a more than generous portion of pasta, enough for two normal appetites to share. The Gnocchi with Meat Sauce is fresh and tastes just like they cooked it specially for you. Thats because they did!!! There are no canned or store bought sauces at Desserts Plus. Everything including some of the pastas are fresh and delicious. You can even request Spelt pasta which has a lighter consistency for those not wanting to feel weighed down by traditional pastas. I like to order the LInguine Pescatore. There is a generous portion of shrimps, scallops, mussels, clams, calamari and the read sauce is light and flavourful with pieces of green onion and peppers inside. This is my favourite dish here and again, its more than enough to share. My suggestion is to go with a group of people and order a variety of dishes and try each one. You have never eaten pizza until you have tried theirs. Its baked in a wood oven, crisp and delightful with a delicious light flavourful sauce. The pepperoni pizza is amazing and that can be attributed to a little secret, they use a Calabrese sausage from a local producer that gives it a definitive flavour which can only be found at Desserts Plus. The staff and owners of the restaurant are more than happy to accomodate large groups and will even tailor make a menu for you if your group is large enough. We never order dessert there because we simply have no room left for it. However I can tell you that I have seen Tiramisu go by an a variety of gorgeous cakes and pastries as well as Gelato and frozen Ice cream hidden inside a fruit shell. Check out Desserts Plus and make sure you phone for a reservation. (905) 856-5194. Ask for Bruno and tell him that you read about them on U Be The Critic