Beauty Talk: Too Faced Review

too faced skin primerA few weeks ago I picked up a sample of Too Faced Primed and Poreless skin smoothing face primer and I have to say that I was expecting the product to be a lot better. I have their eye shadow primer and that works like a dream so my initial thoughts were that this product would work just as well. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. According to me the Too Faced Primer did not do its job, it did not give me perfectly flawless skin like it states it would. Granted it does hold makeup well so the lasting power of your blush or bronzer will be long if you decide to wear the primer on its own with no further powder over it. It states on the packaging that I could wear it alone and it will give the appearance of completely even and smooth skin, it does the job of making the skin smooth and blush for example shows up a lot better on the primer than it does on just skin alone, however it does not cover anything. I do not have an uneven complexion so I cannot say how it works on evening out the skin tone but it sure doesn’t replace good old fashioned foundation or even tinted moisturizer. This product does not cover up pores or tired skin, the pores on the skin look a little muted but you can still see them through the primer. The farthest this primer goes is making the skin smooth but that is something any primer should do. Maybe the formula just does not work for my skin type, or maybe the formula is just weaker but I honestly wish it would have worked better because I had such an amazing experience using their Shadow Insurance. When putting this primer on my skin I noticed that when you spread it towards the hairline for example from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline, the primer starts to roll up a little and actual pieces fall off. This is unacceptable for something that promises to be an amazing quality product. A primer should take only a few seconds to put on, it should go on smoothly without any sort of rolling, however I feel like I need to spend more time on this primer than I have to spend on blending in my tinted moisturizer (and that actually has colour). The Too Faced primer does not go on the skin without some resistance and I feel like it is best to pat it on instead of smoothing it on the skin. This takes more time and care and not everyone has the luxury of taking forever to put on a primer. I do not think that I will be purchasing the Too Faced Primed and Poreless skin smoothing face primer simply because I do not feel that it performed and met my expectations. Of course this is my opinion and it might work for other people and others might love it, just because I did not like it does not make it a bad product just means it did not work for me. To end this review on a good note, I shall talk about my favourite Too Faced product: Shadow Insurance Anti-crease Eye Shadow Primer. This product works really well on oily eyelids to prevent eye shadow creasing. It goes on really well and blends into the skin perfectly. It does not dry out the skin and most importantly it does not feel heavy on the eyelid. The shadow goes on brilliantly and blends really well and hardly fades throughout the day. too faced shadow insurance The formula is really smooth and silky and glides onto the skin without having to rub or tug or pull at the very sensitive eyelid. I have been using this product for a few years now and I swear by it. There are always days that you have to wear eye shadow for longer than four or six, or maybe even eight hours and speaking from personal experience I have worn eye shadow with this primer underneath from about nine in the morning till midnight and without a doubt it does not crease, slide off, does not visibly fade and definitely works better than the old concealer and powder method. Another thing that is so wonderful about this product is that you really need a little to cover your entire eyelid so it will last you for a really long time. Shadow Insurance performs everything that it is advertised to do, it stays on really well, it brightens your eye shadow colour, does not slide off after a few hours and let oil seep through, and it is a really light weight formula. So girls, if you suffer from oily eyelids and are tired of having your eye shadow rolling up to the middle of your eye, or just simply want to make your eye shadow look better and brighter. Try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it is good quality and worth the money you are spending on it and is going to last you for a long time. As I have mentioned before, this is a review based on my own experiences, I am not advertising the product but simply giving an opinion on how it worked for me.  by: Darya K