Android Owners Unite!!!

Isn't it just wonderful how we all spend our hard earned dollars on very expensive Smartphones with the intention of keeping them for a long time.  After all these babies are packed with the latest and greatest hardware technology and after paying some $200-$300 to our Cellular Carriers we are still paying the subsidies every month.  The phones actually end up costing us much much more.  But thats not the basis of this review.  What I am talking about is the lack of support coming out of our Smartphone manufacturers for the newest versions of Android. Many of us have purchased Motorola Milestones, Google Nexus One, Tmobile G1, HTC Incredible and the list goes on and on.  Long after Google announced the introduction of Android 2.1 it actually takes these manufacturers months to introduce an update to the latest version of Android.   Isn't our money good enough??  The bigger problem is that a lot of our phones are being overlooked for the updates.  They obviously have the Power to handle newer versions of Google Android therefore why are we not getting them in a timely fashion??  Worse yet, why are we hearing that there are cases where they WILL NOT BE INTRODUCING A NEW VERSION OF GOOGLE FOR OUR PHONES AT ALL!!! This is ridiculous and disgusting.  As someone that has invested a huge sum of money, signed a two or three year contract with a Cellular Carrier I have a long term investment in my hardware.  Why shouldn't I have the option of upgrading my phone?? Why is that option being taken off the table??  When a manufacturer of automobiles makes an improvement they usually issue a service order to make the changes at no cost to the customer.  Why isn't this the same for our phones?? Well folks its quite simple.  Its ALL ABOUT MONEY.  Its not our money, which we have already spent, but its their money.  The Cellphone carriers are the heavy hitting customers of the Manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, Samsung etc.  They have the clout to insist that these upgrades are being developed for our Smartphones and in a timely fashion.  This is about dedication to the existing customer base.  The problem is that we are being foresaken for the new customer that is going to be buying their newest models with the newest versions of Google's OS Froyo 2.2.  WHY????  Why are we being overlooked??   The manufacturers obviously have to invest manpower and resources in modifying various aspects of the Android OS to suit the hardware.  This takes time and of course it takes money.  Why should a manufacturer invest money in a phone which perhaps they are no longer manufacturing when they can invest it in enticing the new customers into the fold??? Surely the Big Smartphone manufacturers would rather put their R&D dollars into developing competitive products for their Cellphone carrier customers.  This policy not only sells phones for the HTC's and Motorola's of the world, but it attacts new subscribers to the cellphone carriers themselves.  So based on that logic why should they spend one dollar on developing updated versions of Android for our phones??? The reason is quite simple.  Word of Mouth.  Despite all of the advertising that these companies spend on introducing and launching their newest models their best investment is in keeping their older customers happy.  I know that I have convinced many a new buyer to purchase an HTC smartphone because they are on the ball when it comes to upgrades as well as Firmware updates.  Imagine if I decided to talk to people about my experience with my Motorola Milestone updates and how they took soooo long to get.  That would certainly influence new buyers negatively against Motorola products.  However I believe that there is more to a phone than just having a new OS with a few better features.  There is the underlying hardware that makes the phone what it is and the build quality which insures that my phone will last for a long time to come.  As long as the Smartphone does what I need it to do for now and the next few years I really don't have to go out and buy a new one.  Thats the dilemma of the Smartphone manufacturers keep everyone happy or just keep the new ones happy. Its up to you.  Cast your vote.  Tell your Smartphone company how you feel by blogging on their forums. Tell your Cellphone carriers that you want to insure that your investment in the phone you bought has longevity.  IT doesn't cost much to do this for the customer but one thing is for certain, when it comes time to renew or perhaps do an upgrade to the most incredible Smartphone introduced you will buy it from the carrier that looks after you and not switch to one that clearly doesn't care about their customers.