2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS Review

Recently, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a 2011 Chevy Camaro RS. I've seen the car on the roads, and I must say, it is absolutely gorgeous. I really like the retro, muscular style and the roar of the engine. The question is, after driving a v8 Mustang (see our video review), would this 6 cylinder Camaro stand up to our expectations?
Exterior There is no denying it, the Camaro is absolutely stunning. It has a lean, muscular look which really stands out in a nice color. The front end looks aggressive, especially when you add the optional front grille (see the picture). I really like the back end of the car. It features round tail lights and big aggressive exhausts.
The RS comes stock with 19 inch rims, while the SS features 20s. Both rims are a thick five spoke pattern. They feature an alloy finish, and look very sporty and aggressive. For stock rims, they are beautiful and provide great handling and style.

Interior The interior of the car is plain, but functional. The steering wheel is big, and you can really feel the road through it. It is somewhat retro in appearance, but is a great look for this car. The seats are gorgeous, especially in leather. The tester we drove didn't have leather, but the seats were supportive, comfy and still stylish. I'd prefer the leather versions found in the SS. The dash is plain, and tries to emulate the style of the classic Camaro, but with newer options and finish. I don't like the fact that many of the gauges in the car are placed under the HVAC and stereo controls. That means I had to take my eyes off the road to view them. Its not like you are constantly checking gauges, but with all of the distractions drivers are presented with these days, we shouldn't need to take our eyes off the road for anything. Chevy should have taken that into consideration when designing the dash. Otherwise the dash is functional, efficient, and sufficient for the Camaro. Remember, this is a performance car. Its not about luxury interiors and fancy in dash navigation systems.

Performance The engine of the RS is a beast. It's only a 3.6 litre v6, but it still pumps out 312 horsepower! We didn't have the car long enough to determine fuel economy, but Chevrolet says it gets 29 mpg of highway driving when you are driving the manual transmission RS. Those numbers are quite respectable for a car with so much power. My automotive specialist said that the engine was perky, the handling and ride were smooth and precise, and overall, the car was very comparable to the pricier and larger engined 2010 v8 Mustang GT. I recommend this car to anyone who loves American muscle cars. If you are looking for a powerful ride, with looks and speed at a reasonable price, the 2011 Camaro RS is for you. You can get one for under $40,000! However, once you start loading on the options, like a v8, sunroof, leather, body kits, etc, the car starts getting pricier, but for the money, the performance is incredible. Check this car out at your local Chevrolet dealer!