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July 29, 2010




As a packed house settles into a downtown Toronto concert venue, the lights dim, the DJ hits the track, a hard chord is struck, and for the next hour the crowd becomes part of a show that is one like no other. As the axe master shreds and the beats bang, a gang of masked clad face painted psychos spit out hardcore explicit lyrics, while Semi-nude dancers fire Jagermeister out of super soakers and the devil himself determines who gets hit.

I introduce to you the “So Sick Social Club”. Independently based in Toronto, So Sick for short, core members include Chris So Sick on vocals/lyrical witchcraft, Voodoo Drew on the guitar/musical rape, Phatkid the ultimate hypeman, and former member Ugly vocals/possessed side show handler.
So Sick’s philosophy is to “represent the voice for the tormented, psychologically impaired, and those born into a wretched misfortune. We are the committee for the angry, the cursed and the repulsive crowds. Give us your hand and we will welcome you into a disorderly environment of violence, vengeance and good old fashion hatred”.

After releasing their self-titled demo in 2008, So Sick followed it up in 2009 with their self titled EP. The album is filled with bumping beats, powerful guitar, melodic choruses, and overall twisted lyrics. The song “Kill (Wrong?)” illustrates So Sick’s graphic content and a no holds barred lyrical style “I find myself playing with a bunch of kitchen knives, sharpening them up so the tips will slice nice” and “Don’t give a fuck if I’m acting nutty, my focus is bloody and I’m stapling rue morgue pages all over my fucken body”.

In the past year the boys have recruited high profile directing team, Bleeding Apple, to shoot their first two official music video’s for the songs “Run” and “Kill”. Bleeding Apple has shot videos for mega artists such as Swollen Members, Kottonmouth Kings, and Unwritten Law. Aside from their official music videos So sick has a bunch of live video footage on the net and I specifically suggest you check out their EPK and vids called So Sick TV, which really show what so sick is all about. Links are posted below.
The group has opened and played along side Techn9ne, Sid Wilson of slipknot, J Reno, Final Trigger, Burning the day, Dead Dirty Carnies, Motown Rage, Slaves on Dope and much more. According to front man, Chris So Sick, the group is vigorously working on their follow up album, which is supposed to be bigger, badder, and more fucked up then anything done in the past. Word on the street is that their will be some guest appearances from some famous and recognizable artists, I really look forward to hearing it.

So Sick Social club has been compared to many other groups, but the truth is that this unique horrorcore group is worth listening first before making any comparisons.

Check’em on Youtube, Add’em on Facebook, and buy their songs from Itunes.

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  • Jackswaggerrr

    I have never heard of these guys before, they are AWESOME!

  • Vampirechix


  • Sssc

    “you smell like boiled cabbage” was SSSC's first big hit. don't hate on insider knowledge.

  • Goluptsi

    Scientician, you smell like goluptsi!

  • Random

    I don't know how I came accross this but come on: “represent the voice for the tormented, psychologically impaired, and those born into a wretched misfortune.” That's their philosophy?

    If so, they should be repping those who are REALLY born into “a wretched misfortune”…where are the songs about people dying from floods in Pakistan? Hunger crisis in Africa? Little girls being killed by genocide in Asia?

    I hardly think that making stupid songs about killing people in your parents basement is really reaching anyone…we have enough violence in this world we don't need you “sickos” to try and make more. You guys have no idea what violence or a truly wretched existence is. Serve a few years in Afghanistan or go to Africa and see how people live…then you can be the voice for wretched existence.

  • Jmtreeboys

    wow your lame its a song and a show dude. Its a little thing called entertainment and the best part about this world is that you have the option to not listen or read this if you don't want. So really go back to your boring worry some life, and whatever god ridden rock you crawled out from under

  • DanTheMan

    So Sick Social Club is one of the best bands I have ever heard in my life and there super entertaining on stage, 
    I don’t know if the writer of this article is on the money but if you listen to the song Club So Sick they mention a little bit of who they represent for