No teams interested in signing Shaquille O’Neal?

One of the best centers of all-time Shaquille O'Neal is jobless so far and people are starting to wonder will any teams sign him now.  He's currently seventh in all time scoring, has four championships, an MVP and 15 All-Star appearances.  That is an amazing career resume to have but now Shaq is 38 years old and not as great as before. He can still provide some low post scoring and also is a good passer out of the post but other then that on defense he is really slow and also his free throw shooting is another problem. Shaq is reportedly asking for the mid level expection which is around $5 million and wants starting minutes. I dont know many teams out there that are willing to give him the mid level expection and on top of that give him starting minutes. Shaq needs to lower his demands even if he plays for veterans minimum which is $1.35 million he should take it. He has allready made millions over his career.  There were reports saying that Atlanta was the only team really interested in Shaq to sign him but now it looks like Atlanta is looking to sign Josh Powell. Now there are reports out there that Shaq is even going as far as trying to convince the Boston Celtics to sign him, the Celtics would have to work a sign and trade with the Cavaliers, they can only offer him the veteran's minimum of $1.35 million. Danny Ainge the GM of the Celtics said on June 15th Thursday morning that he has spoken with free agent Shaq about the possibility of coming to Boston but thought a deal probably wouldn't happen.
Ainge spoke to the Boston sports radio station WEEI and said "I don't think that Shaquille is that much of a possibility,"  "The door is not shut but I don't think it's a real possibility right now. Certainly not our top priority."
Boston allready signed Jermaine O'Neal this offseason to fill the void for Perkins until he comes back from his injury which is about two months. Shaq would get no time there in Boston. Supodesly Shaq has said he wants to play for a contending team who has a chance to win it all, if a non contending team gave him more money he wouldn't bite. I have never heard a player trying to convince a team to sign him. It just doesn't look like he will be going to the Celtics and on top of that he just wouldn't get much playing time there with Jermaine O'Neal and also when Perkins comes back. I dont see him in a Celtics uniform once the NBA season starts. My opinion is Shaq doesn't have any choices left other then one team I feel that could use him. He said he wanted to go to a contending team if he called up Pat Riley from the Heat I dont see why wouldn't he sign Shaq. If Shaq was smart he should contact Pat Riley and talk to him, he did win a title in Miami there with Wade. If he did take less money and go to the Heat he would be getting starting minutes plus he would be there best center on the roster. He is better then Ilgauskas, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pitman there 2nd round draft pick and Jamaal Magloire. That would be his best shot at winning a title going there that is if Riley is interested in signing him. I just hope someone does sign him and Shaq drops his demands on playing time cause really he isn't a starting center anymore plus he is to injury prone he would be best used as a reserve.  Only exception would be in Miami, he would get starting minutes plus they could monitor his minutes well cause they have depth at center. What do you all think is Shaquille O'Neals career done or will a team take a chance on him?