Jordan cancels deal with Toronto and then Bobcats ship Chandler to Mavs!!

Well you all must have heard that Michael Jordan, the owner of the Bobcats stepped in and told Bobcats GM Rob Higgins not to complete the deal with the Raptors.  Jordan was having second thoughts about the deal and moving those guys to the Raptors. Jordan is the majority owner of the Bobcats and most owners don't step in at all during a deal.  Some owners will give their opinions, but knowing Jordan, he wants the Bobcats to be a winner like he was when he was with the Bulls. I guess after looking it over it just didn't benefit his team to do this deal. The deal was supposed to be Toronto Point Guard Jose Calderon and Center Reggie Evans for Charlotte's forward Boris Diaw and center Tyson Chandler. It looked like the Raptors had found someone that would take Calderon's contract with him still being owed $30million over 3yrs and Evans $5million in his last yr of his contract. I could see why Jordan had second thoughts and eventually said no. Chandler and Diaw are a lot better then Evans and Calderon. Calderon is a one dimensional player who is all offense and no defense, Evans is just a scrappy player who is alright on defense and can get in there and get rebounds. Calderon would have helped them on the offensive end because their only point guard left is young D.J. Augustin, who is talented but not yet at Calderon's level. I guess Jordan talked it over with the GM and they want to give Augustin the opportunity to be the starting pg now that Raymond Felton is gone to the Knicks. Boris Diaw is still a very solid player and Chandler is a shot blocking center and and solid rebounder when healthy. It didn't take the Bobcats to long to make another deal, as they then sent Chandler and fellow centre Alex Ajinca to the Dallas Mavericks for centre Erik Dampier, forward Eduardo Najera, shooting guard Matt Carroll  and cash considerations. The Bobcats wanted financial flexibility, and they get that in this deal because Dampier is making $13million this year but its not guaranteed so the Bobcats are considering waiving him or using him in another trade. The Bobcats would clear about $7 million in salary-cap space because they dump Chandler's $12.7 million contract and Ajinca's $1.5 million deal and take in Carroll ($4.3 million) and Najera ($2.8 million). Bobcats GM Rob Higgins said that the Raptors deal was never agreed upon but the Raptors thought it was. I guess now Colangelo will have to look at who else is out there that will take Calderon's contracts and $30million left over 3yrs. Yes it did hurt hearing that the Bobcats decided to drop out of the deal because Diaw would have been a nice fit in this lineup and Chandler was exactly the type of center we need here in Toronto, a tough defensive center who can rebound and block shots.  I feel there are few teams out there that could use Calderon and we could also add on to the deal if need be. Some teams I feel the Raptors should go talk to are Golden State, to try and get Andris Biedrins and scoring stud Monta Ellis. In Detroit we can try to pry away Richard Hamilton who would be a solid scoring addition. Memphis could use a pg but who would they give up? They are not going to move Mayo, Gay or Randolph. The only other enticing player is Marc Gasol, a solid center who put up 14.6ppg, 9.3reb, 2.4assists and 1.6blocked shots a game. I guess we will all have to wait and see now who will take Calderon's contract. Lets hope Bryan Colangelo can move him and package some other pieces we have on our roster to get a good player or players to help end our playoff drought.