Extreme Pita Review

With so many options for fast food these days, rarely do people choose a healthy option. There are many places which seem healthy, but when you get down to the number of calories and fat contained in many of their meals, they simply are not good for you. People go for teriyaki, and think that grilled chicken and bean sprouts will be a healthy option. Alone it is a healthy choice, but once you eat a giant serving of white rice that comes with the meal, drink a regular coke, and the chef dumps a cup of sugar laden teriyaki sauce over your meal, the "healthy option" is no longer healthy. Today I found a healthy choice - Extreme Pita. Extreme pita is a relatively new franchise. They serve pita based meals. You can get a pita stuffed with variations of meat and veggies, or pizza style pitas with fresh toppings, or salads with crisp pita chips. The choices are many. The meat is all lean. It is grilled, not fried. The veggies are cooked in water, not oils. Needless to say, this place is a healthy alternative to the McDonald's and fried food places out there. I highly recommend checking it out. The prices aren't bad. It is about 5.99 for a large pita stuffed to the max with goodies. Once you add a drink it comes to about 7 dollars, which is standard for a decent lunch these days. The fact that you are getting a healthy meal is a bonus. Just remember, this meal is healthy, but once you start loading your pita with sauces, toppings like bacon and cheese, and adding a large coca cola, you are getting back up there in the calorie and fat count. If your looking to stay lean and mean, then choose extreme pita. Just don't choose the large pop and ask for extra bacon, cheese, and sauce! Enjoy!