Arizona starter Dan Haren being shopped around Yankees interested!!

Well with the Major League Baseball trade deadline coming up on july 31st we are gonna keep hearing more and more names being available. Now it is confirmed that Arizona president Derrick Hall said that Dan Haren is being shopped around on Friday. He also said that a couple teams are interested and have made offers on Haren and the teams interested are Yankees,Tigers,Twins,Phillies and Cardinals. Yankees seem like they really are interested since the lost out in the Cliff Lee sweetstakes, they have made an offer to the Arizona reportedly of high end prospect pitching prospects Ivan Nova,Zach McAllister and two prospects for Haren. Yankees suppodesly have refused to include Chamberlain also in the deal. Arizona reportedly wanted Chamberlain,Ivan Nova high end pitching prospect plus two other prospects for Haren but the Yankees rejected the deal and countered with a deal around stricly prospects. Yankees are interested but not willing to throw away all there high end prospects in a deal for Haren. Haren is in the second season of a four-year, $44.75 million contract with a club option for a fifth year. He is gonna be making $12.75 million each of the next two seasons with a club option for $15.5 million in 2013. HE is due a lot and on top of that he is really struggling this year with a record of 7 wins and 8 losses, an era of 4.60 and also second in the NL allowing 23 homeruns up. The only bright spot for Haren is that he is tied in first in strikeouts in the national league with 141. Haren is solid for a good 14-16 win season and he averages around 160-200 strikeouts a year. Arizona thought he would be come there and form a great one two punch with Brandon Webb but this team has went downhill and now Haren needs to get out of there for a fresh start elsewhere. Yankees are really hoping they can get a deal done for him cause if they can it would help them a lot cause then they would have a solid 3 with CC Sabathia,Pettitte and Haren and hopefully Burnett and Vasquez will wake up. Both Burnett and Vasquez have been huge dissapointments this season with both of them struggling big time. That is why the Yankees are looking to acquire another starter upfront. Yankees also got Phil Hughes who is having an amazing season with a record of 11 wins and 3 losses but they wanna watch his innings and might even put him in the bullepin when the postseason happens. Last season he did really well out of the bullepin when the Yankees won the world series. This is gonna be another bidding war I feel as the deadline looms close there are many teams looking for starting pitching so the Yankees are gonna have some competition.The Yankees do have a deep farm system and can package a great deal to a team to acquire a starting pitcher whether it be Haren or another pitcher so I guess we will just have to wait and see now where Haren goes.