Batman 3: Who Will Play The Riddler?

Batman is due to begin filming next year, and is set for release July 2012, but the movie is already generating a lot of buzz as to who will play The Riddler. Joseph Gordon- Levitt is definitely interested in the role, and some people believe he's already accepted the role in the upcoming movie. Levitt has also just starred in Christopher Nolan's new movie Inception, which is getting a lot of good reviews from the fans. We know for sure, that the villian of the movie will be The Riddler, as the rumour mill is running rampant as who really will take this role eventually. Robin Williams has expressed interest, but Joseph kind of does look like The Riddler. Johnny Depp's name has also come up, and I think he would do a wonderful job in the role. Depp, has been questioned about taking the gig of The Riddler, and said it would be a fun gig to take for a while, but won't really go indepth about it. For now, the only thing we can do is sit back and see what unfolds. We do know for sure Batman 3, is in good hands as Nolan truly knows how to get viewers to watch his movies, and I can't wait to see the final product of the movie. UBeTheCritic Movie Insider Ankur Malhotra