Worst Refs EVER

As we get deeper into the knockout round of the 2010 World Cup, several things have become clear.  One, the previous finalists and other teams who were expected to go far (England, France, Italy, USA) have not played the quality football expected of them and thus are going home.  Two, this tournament has been plagued by the WORST OFFICIATING I have ever seen in a world class tournament. England suffered a pathetic loss to a young, talented and hungry Germany side which brought a vicious counter attack to the lackadaisical English defenders. Miroslav Klose's goal came about because of weak defending by the English side, and the Germans had many more chances because of slack defence played by some of the top defenders in the Premier League. In reality, the game should have been tied at 2 going into halftime, but because of a horrendous call by the referee's assistant on Lampard's would be tying goal, the German's retained the lead and never looked back. If somebody told the English that they would exit the tournament because of poor defending and ZERO goals combined from Emile Heskey, Lampard, and supposed superstar striker Wayne Rooney, they would be laughed at. That was the reality. Rooney did nothing the whole tournament, Lampard was robbed by the crossbar, and the refs of a legitimate goal, and Heskey looked old and slow. David James was victimized several times by the Germans, and although he was left alone to fend for himself, he should have stopped atleast one of those goals. Meanwhile, the youthful Germans looked great. Turkish forward Mesut Oezil looked like a saavy vet in running the offence and assisting on a gorgeous goal, and Thomas Muller scored twice. If Argentina beats Mexico, the Germans will be a great test for them. Meanwhile, FIFA has some huge concerns. This tournament has been plagued by horrendous officiating. There have been several game changing and questionable red cards handed out, poor offside calls, and atleast two goals disallowed because of poor positioning by the refs. The disallowed English goal, which would have swung the momentum in favor of the English side was clearly in by two feet when viewed by video replay. The call was horrible and may be pointed at as the downfall of the Brits. The lack of accurate officiating points in one direction. FIFA adopting video replay for goals. With the use of eagle eye technology employed in tennis, there would be no discrepancies as far as goals are concerned. Nobody would be robbed of legitimate goals, nor should they be when they are so hard to come by in the World Cup finals. There is talk of having two extra officials for the next tournament in Brazil, but that still leaves the tournament open to human error. Leave human error out of the tournament and adopt video replay. What do you think?