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Cafe Orient Ottawa

For those individuals who love quality, delicious Chinese food I have just the place for you. Located in Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa, Cafe Orient is a small, casual restaurant that is sure to impress.


Let’s start with the least impressive. This restaurant is very simply decorated and not fancy. However, everything is very clean and the bathrooms are very high tech. The toilets have a self cleaning seat and the faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are all touch free.


The menu has a large variety of soups, meat and seafood dishes, noodles and rice. It is Hong Kong style, however it also has some Canadian favourites. There is also an assortment of teas and snack foods. My favourite snack food is the French toast, the best you’ll ever have! As for tea, the milk tea is a delicious authentic Hong Kong favourite, that will keep you awake for hours! They make fresh iced tea that is great during the summer months or after a spicy meal.

My favourite dinner dish is the spicy diced chicken. I also enjoy the cantonese chow mein, black bean vegetables and shrimp dishes. I keep returning and ordering my favourites, however I have been impressed by every dish I have tried.


If you go to the restaurant after 4 pm you can order from their special dinner menu which includes a large soup to share and unlimited steemed rice. I really enjoy the Hot and Sour soup, careful it is quite hot.


This restaurant is priced very well. Dishes on the special menu range from 9-13 dollars and include rice and soup. On the regular menu the prices vary from about 7-13 dollars as well. The teas are fairly priced from $ 1.50 and the French toast is $ 3.75.

The portions are very large, I have never left hungry and always with dinner for the following day.

This restaurant is located on Somerset in China Town. It closes early at 9 pm.  If youre ever in the area give it a try you will not be dissapointed.

I give it 5 stars!

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Posted by on June 10, 2010.

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  • Lao De Jun

    Cafe Orient is a hidden Jewel in Ottawa's China Town. The quaint neighbourhood encourages visitors to walk along Somerset street as well as other intersecting streets with a variety of Asian oriented businesses. We happened upon the non descript building and gave a quick read to the menu posted on the door. The prices looked quite reasonable for a Chinese restaurant and as in true Hong Kong style the selection was quite large. The thing that made me walk in the door was my late mothers advice. If the place is crowded they must be doing something right!!! The second lesson mother taught me was that once inside go to the bathroom. The bathroom visit was mandatory before sitting down to order. WHY?? Because, as Mom so eloquently posed it, if their bathroom is clean, then their kitchen is even cleaner. In my 52 years on the planet I have used these two pieces of advice to always find excellent restaurants all over the world.
    Now getting down to the restaurant itself. For those of you have not had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong, this is a typical restaurant that one would find in Kowloon or Mongkok. The decor and cleanliness here far exceed my experiences in Hong Kong so thats a definite plus. The owners of the restaurant are a young couple that take pride in their food, their business and love their customers. When you walk in you are welcomed like a member of the family.
    Soon after sitting down and perusing the generously appointed menu you find the true Jewel of the Orient Cafe. Many dishes come with main course, soup and rice!!! Unbeatable value anywhere I have ever been, even in the heart of Toronto and Markham Chinatowns.
    Cafe Orients Chicken, Beef, Seafood and Pork dishes are delectable perfectly spiced and cooked and a true representation of what Hong Kong Chinese food is all about. The great thing is that you don't have to spend $2500 on a Cathay Pacific flight to revel in the delicious cuisine. IF you are in the Ottawa or surrounding area you must pay it a visit and say hello or Le Ho Ma (which means How Are you in Cantonese).

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